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End the universe


some deadly disease like smallpox or something similar wipes out the chickens forever

next universe is completely normal but everyone is british for some inexplicable reason


Eater of Worlds
Someone puts the ctrl key on their keyboard and binds the dodge button in a video game to ctrl. Needless to say, it doesn't last long.

Next universe is like this universe, but there's no humans.


Welp, everything slowly starts dying out and the carnivores kill all the herbivores because no humans are around to farm the herbivores and hunt the carnivores and the omnivores just kind of watch. the carnivores and omnivores all kill each other and all that's left is out of control plants and too many bugs. since the only bugs that will end up surviving this monstrosity of a world is bugs that eat plants, I'm going to go ahead and say it dies.

The next world doesn't have COVID and also it's run by dogs instead of humans and they're very peaceful good bois

Agent Sandstorm Σ

Cats push everything off the universe.

This next one has a sport that runs weekly in which 100 people try to compete to win a battle royale-type game.


toxic 8-11 year olds absolutely destroy it and ruin the whole damn thing and I might be salty

cats are now the overlords of the universe and are doing a better job than humans at managing earth

Agent Sandstorm Σ

Before I come over and blast them all to hell. :red: cats.

This next one is basically ours, but in a zombie apocylapse and everybody is amazing at parkour.


Thread; destroy the universe:
me: hold my beer
*turn celebration mk2 into real life and mini nuke II now destroys anything
The whole universe being exploded and burnt to a crisp:


Brain of Cthulhu
They start a global war for their pride, and the ensuing arms race ends with galaxy - destroying spells that are thrown out way too casually.

Next world obeys entirely to Doom physics.

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
Demons overwhelm and destroy the world by killing the marine that was supposed to save it.

Ponies live in the next world, alongside dragons and humans.


Brain of Cthulhu
The ponies and dragons become unlikely allies and start studying magic in old caves. They one day find a spell that stops time. Everywhere. With no time limit. Including for the caster.

The next world is a giant Discord ping icon.
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