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Explain your avatar


With my new avatar comes a new explanation.
I was fiddling around with Paint.NET, and got an idea for an OC, resulting in me drawing him.
Partially inspired by Wilson P. Higgsbury, hats off to you if you know who he is.


Skeletron Prime
Mine is actually more deep than you would think. Where I live, I would be risking my own safety by even saying that I was gay. I've went sixteen years without being able to express myself, because of this... And it's starting to really get to me. So I decided to make this website the place where I can be who I am without worrying about it affecting my real life. Maybe I'm taking things a bit overboard... But whatever. It makes me happy, and I think I've become more accepting of myself from it. Also, I'm in love with eeveelutions.


Empress of Light
joel is very angry with pikachu. I love vine sauce.


As you can see, I have Brad Wong from DOA in avatar. Why? Because he is my favorite character in this game(s). Zui Quan is definately the best fighting style ever (in my opinion). That's why I play Brad in DOA, Lei Wulong in Tekken and watch some Jackie Chan movies. It's wonderful.
PS: I need to buy a gourd bottle :dryadnaughty:
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