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PC Fastest Terrarian Ever!


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Nice. I knew it could go faster, but I never got around to fiddling with it after I did my video. The fastest I got was 3199, so you hold the record now. ^_^
[doublepost=1462504543,1462504242][/doublepost]just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to get that far?

Also, I hope your using Mechmod for this, without it is.....not fun to say the least T_T


It took around 3 hours to reach 3300+

I also used Mechmod for this. Sometimes disabling free cam to see how fast the screen shakes. Sometimes it doesn't even move xD


Okay so I was doing some tests on my Builder's Workshop world and made this sort of setup

Weird thing is that before reaching 700 MPH, The speed just started rising rapidly at intervals. Like, one time its just climbing then all of a sudden it rises rapidly
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