PC Five Nights at Freddy's discussion thread

Sings living on a prayer
Music man sounds like the most annoying animatronic ever. Also Scott is putting a lot of neat functions to repeal the animatronics.
Bar is at 82%

Also, is anyone slightly anoyed that I keep posting here to keep this thread near the top?
Well, likely goes without saying, but the game is now officially out and there are already several let's plays in progress. Mark is on Part 3 and Matpat did an episode of GT Live on it
FNAF 4 was the final game in the series I touched. I had lost interest in continuing the games. What I didn’t lose in interest was its lore. It is actually utterly insane how deep the rabbit hole goes. I may try the new FNAF when it comes out but adulthood is coming and time just gets tighter and tighter, as does money.
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