Forum suggestion: Remove sig letter cap


A thing that bugged me with the new forums: there's now a character limit for signatures. Why does this function exist? I don't know, if there's a good reason please tell me. Otherwise I think that it should be removed.

Kyouko Tsukino

It should be raised slightly for non-spoilered signatures, but within spoilers it seems to be a "trial and error thing" - it should stop caring about character limit, but sometimes it won't. I spent a could hours last night trying to fix it, somehow TK helped me fix it, though I have no idea how it was fixed.

Check my signature (in my profile if it doesn't show fully here) which is ~ 2700 characters long.


Official Terrarian
I don't seem to have any problems like that, granted, I edit in the BBcode editor for my signature instead of the GUI.
Also my signature isn't as big anymore, so I don't run into the cap.

I wonder if using url shorteners would save you space?
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