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PC FrostHydraPVP - A PvP Based Server With Special Events -


Welcome to FrostHydraPVP! A Minigame / PvP based server. This server is up only for a few hours a day. The reason is that we do special gamemodes for massive amounts of people a day.
The events ARE daily, so feel free to join when the server is up.

Gamemodes we do:

Team Deathmatch


Solo Deathmatch

and much more!

Team Deathmatch:

Two teams will each have an hour to gather weapons, gear and materials. After that 1 hour is up the Titanium wall in the middle of the map will be removed and the two teams will then fight. First team to give up, loses.


Two teams will each have multiple players. Each player can choose a class, and each class has special abilities. The first person to capture the other teams gem and bring it back to their own bases, wins.

Solo Deathmatch:

Like Team deathmatch except there are no teams and it is a kick upon death.

If you would like to join me, please message me, on here, or on my steam page: Steam Community :: 矢沢ニコッキ (Nicocchi Yazawa)

The IP is: FrostHydraGaming.serv.nu
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