Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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I would like coloured actuators and also my world is almost 75% corruption/hallow I would love it if moon lord dropped an item that when consumed got rid of all of it but gave you "pandora's box" and we all know what happens when you open it and also the rain clouds raining effect goes all wierd when you hammer it. Keep up the good work!
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Furniture Types:
Wire (All colours, works as wire)
Lighting (Works as light sources, wire accessable)
Boss (From *Random block* that drops from *random boss* that you craft into furniture with *rare crafting station dropped by all bosses*)
I think that 1.3.1 needs a way to order commands, such as Minecraft's command block. Which would only be able to get by spawning the item in. This could replace how servers use commands to teleport, create minigames, etc. (instead of using a sign-break method to carryout commands). 1.3.1 could also use a block that powers wires when placed next to ( when hit with a hammer, the direction in which the block sends energy would change -being able to be sent in up-down, side-side, all directions way-). There could also be a piece of furniture that dispenses items you place in it when charged; which this would include a version of the pressure plate that could be toggled via an item falling on it. The traveling merchant could sell an accessory that allows the player to hold the mouse button and drag an outline of where the wanted the wire to be placed. Minecarts could additionally be updated, maybe a minecart with storage, or one that can pick things up, or the ability to create rails from martian plating, which would make a faster and more flexible rail system. This rail could make loops, powered jumps, or an attack method.
I'd like to see a faster way of placing down wiring. Something that has always deterred me from using wiring more is how long it takes to place wire by wire across a map. I was thinking of adding in a point to point system that would place wiring down in between both points selected on the map. For example you choose a spot for the wiring to begin, then you travel to wherever you want the wiring to end and click there, the game would then fill in the distance between both points with wire. This would be really useful for linking teleporters from opposite sides of the map.
Maybe a way a UBER WIRE or something that you craft out of 4 stacks of wire, that instantly connects 2 objects, no matter the distance? Like the musket pouch and stuff? Maybe it would be too op, but I dont know.
Maybe a way a UBER WIRE or something that you craft out of 4 stacks of wire, that instantly connects 2 objects, no matter the distance? Like the musket pouch and stuff? Maybe it would be too op, but I dont know.
That would be cool. With a different name, of course
So, the Rainbow Wrench that's pretty much confirmed. Honestly, I think it should be tied to the Hallow, and sold by the Mechanic when she lives there for 3 reasons:
  1. Don't wanna make the other Wrenches useless. It's not OP or anything, but to give the other Wrenches a chance this would make it Hardmode.
  2. Hallows? Rainbow? Makes sense.
  3. Due to the 4th wire color being pink, I've noticed a distinct lack of yellow in wiring systems. So Hallowed Wrenches could be yellow, like Hallowed armor, to make it look a bit better.
So, enjoy these recolor sprites for the Hallowed Wrench:
Hallowed Wrench.png
Green Hallowed Wrench.png
Blue Hallowed Wrench.png
Pink Hallowed Wrench.png
So just an idea I had. I didn't read through all of the previous posts so sorry if something similar was already suggested.

The IO wrench.
-This is a wrench that places white and black wires, right clicking to toggle between which is being placed.
-White and black wires connect to each other as though they are the same color.
-A pulse through the wires turns the white wires to black and vise versa.
-White wires turn things on. If a white wire is on a torch it will be lit.
-Black wires turn things off. If a black wire is on a torch it will be put out.
-When placed on larger objects affected by wires (such as statues) further wires placed on that object would turn into the same colored wire regardless of the selected type.

So imagine you have a line of three torches.
You place white wires on the two torches to the outside.
You then place a black wire on the center torch which is put out as you place the wire.
As a switch connected to the wires is toggled the middle torch will turn on as the outer torches turn off.

This will essentially remove the middle step of first toggling the center torch separate from the other two.

I can't really figure out how it would work on statues/traps and the like. Maybe only activating as a wire on it turns white? That way they would only be toggled every other pulse. That's the best I could come up with anyway.

Edit: Maybe the white wires would just cause traps/statues to activate as soon as their cooldowns are finished without having to pulse at all. This would remove the need for timers when you just want things to go constantly. Maybe bump up the price to compensate.

Edit V3: After reading through a bunch of other posts this could work well for the gates that have been suggested a lot as it does have a high and low state allowing a gate to toggle an output accordingly. Also alternating black/white wires is in itself a not gate.

Edit V2: Separate idea

It would be nice if boss trophies acted as spawner statues for their respective bosses. They would still have to follow the same rules as the spawner items (Night/Biome). The spawned bosses would't drop anything and would run under the same circumstances (Day/Players Die). This would allow players to practice fighting a certain boss and allow map makers to spawn bosses directly.
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That all sounds like a bit too many types of blocks. I think they should just make it so you can hammer the block to change it's type. Like maybe have A-G note Blocks and the Flat-Block, Sharp-Block, Pitch+ and - Blocks all be the same kind of block, you just hit with a hammer to change it's type. The same can be done for the delay blocks.

Now for a few more ideas they should add/change.
-Booster Track change: They should make it so you can set different levels of speed by hitting booster track with a hammer. The arrows can turn color to show the level of speed boost. Like green being the lowest speed, then lime green, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, and red being max speed.
-Rails (not sure what they would be called): NOT like for mine carts, but a different type of rail. These rails you place them kind of like wire and maybe have a Screw Driver tool to slope them. Then you have some kind of Rail Hook, or Rail Wheels (Not sure what we should call them) that you can place like an Actuator on blocks. Then we have Rail Motors that connect to the rails and when active will send Rail Hook/Wheel thingys and the block they are on sliding along the rail. Also the Screw Driver tool can change the directions of the Motors and we need a way to set the Motor's speed. If you are not getting what I am getting at by now... This is what I want to happen.

Yes, moving platforms. Terraria is a side scrolling game. We need a way to make moving platforms like they have in all other side scrolling platforming games. And I think this would be the way to do it.

I like the idea of having a way to make your own songs in Terraria. However I though it would be more copacetic to have a custom music box. How it would work is that after you place it down you can edit it. It gives you a mini menu and you can move the keys up and down to change them. This way it would only take up what would likely be a 2x2 space. If you have ever played Animal Crossing: New Leaf there is a option where you could change the town song. That's what I was thinking about when I made it. The only problem would be that I am sure there is a limit to how long the song could be. Maybe one the song is down it could send a pulse to one side and if there is another custom music box there it could start it even without wire. This could allow a chain of music boxes to place.

I like the moving platforms idea. That would be fun for custom maps. I asuume the platform would move along the rails even if no one is on it. I would think that when 3 rails meet they would act like tracks do and allow you to change the direction it would send you with wire. There should also be an a cross intersetion rail so 2 rail paths could meet without interfering with each other.
One of the Mechanic's sayings is "Hold on, I've almost got wifi going down here."
Could we have wifi? That would be awesome! Of course, then we wouldn't need all those wrenches and wires... hmmm... perhaps a very limited wifi?
Not exactly about wiring, but could you fix the darn RNG?
It always tends to get stuck. People have been complaining since or even before that it's not even close random.
Whenever I farm for an item with a dropchance about 1% I tend to kill thousands of the same enemy before one drops it... ...then the next 5-10 of the same monster drops the same 1% chance droprate item because the RNG got stuck on a drop success value...
That's on PC - Steam btw.
diodes, as one-way wire. and meta-wire, that works like normal, but toggles other wire it contacts, like a wire actuator. simple on the surface, these tpo would open so many options and more compact too.

EDIT: and buying timers. definitely buying timers.
EDIT 2: typos
Switches and Gates, something i love from starbound is how they managed to do wiring.
Stuff like Inverters and cosmetic objects that can be activated to activate wiring.
Not Switch
Or Switch
And Switch
X Or Switch
Countdown Timer

I would love to have logic gates-too. One thing to remember about Terraria's wiring system, though, is that switches don't actually have on and off states. Instead, they simply toggle the current state of the devices that they are connected to. Therefore, in order for gates to work, there would have to be some special type of wire which, instead of simply sending a signal to toggle devices, it would send the actual state of the switch to its connected devices. This same special type of signal could then be output by gates as well.
I've contributed quite a few ideas, so I'm throw this out there even if it's not that on topic:

Please add a Desert/Sand Crate so we can get Darude Sandstorm in a Bottle, Flying Carpet or Pharaoh Vanity set if we don't have pyramids in our world. Maybe also a Living Wood Crate for those without Giant Tree rooms for Living Wood Loom, Living Wood Wand and Living Leaf Wand and possibly the Enchanted Sword and Arkhalis(shrine); a Snow/Ice/Frozen Crate for Snow/Ice Biome loot as well. It just seems weird that there are these crates in case you can't get certain loot or enough of a particular type of loot, and then loot that you really do have a chance of not getting for that world period you can't get via crate. Especially for the Dungeon when you have to MANUALLY add water for that. :x
How about a way to run very long runs of wire? Some sort of special mode that sends the wire in a single direction till the end of the world? Especially for teleporters, this would allow you to start a wire in one point, pick a direction (say, down) then you could work your way down and find the wire that is running all the way down to the bottom. Building a teleporter is too tedious.

OR, some wireless version for doing the same thing.
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