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Hiperlucario's Mega-Idea Thread - All of Hiperlucario's suggestions will be posted here

Hyper Lucario

Headless Horseman
Hello Everyone, I am hiperlucario and welcome to my first thread! Here I will post ALL my ideas for Terraria, like what could be added or what I'd love to see introduced in the game. Here are my ideas:

The Megalodon

The Megalodon is a mob that is .5 times rarer than the shark. This new mob is a bit bigger than a shark and looks just like a Shark but with weirder textures and is bigger. It has a 50% chance of dropping 1 - 2 Megalodon Skin that can only be used for money (each skin can be sold for 5 Gold Coins). It has 40 armor, 1200 health and deals 100 damage. Also very high knockback resistance (it has these stats because it can only appear after killing duke fishron, so it's supposed to be powerful). Also, the Megalodon has an attack that gets activated if the player is above the Megalodon, called Water Stream (you can change the name). That makes a stream of water rise from the Megalodon's top part, to make it more realistic. That rises 50 blocks in the air, stays in the air for 5 seconds and deals 100 damage. The Megalodon doesn't move while doing this attack. Drops 10 silver coins.

The Ship

All right now you might be thinking that this is a horrible idea and that this might've already been suggested, but here is my version of it. The ship is pretty rare (10% spawn rate) and as a weapon it has a gun shooting from the ship targeting the player. It shoots as fast as a Gatligator. It deals 50 damage per hit, which is a lot, but the player can dodge the bullets pretty easily. The ship has a total of 3500 health and 70 defense (I know, I know, it is a lot, but the reward for killing / destroying it is amazing). When you kill it, it gives you two things: 1 golden coin and 1 - 2 Ship Parts. I'll tell you about the Ship Parts in the next section.

The Ship Parts

These ship parts are pretty hard to get as the ship is a pretty hard mob, as well as a rare one. But when you'll have a total of 26 ship parts, you'll know that you'll have the best summoner set in the game. Yes, this mob is for summoners. I think that the summoner needs more content as it is very fun to use. So, with these ship parts you can make an armor set and a summoner weapon. I will tell you about these in the next section. Tooltip:"A material that's more powerful that you think."

The Mechanical Armor

This armor is the best summoner armor in the entire game.

The helmet has 11 defense. It gives +12% Summoner damage. It increases the max number of minions by 1. Crafted using 4 Ship Parts.

The breastplate has 14 defense. It gives +15% Summoner damage. It increases the max number of minions by 2. Crafted using 8 ship parts.

The leggings have 12 defense. They give +14% Summoner damage. It increases the max number of minions by 1. Crafted using 6 ship parts.

The Set Bonus = When the player gets hit, he gets half the amount of damage that he took as defense for 10 seconds.

The Full Set's Visual Effect = A technological, cyan form of your body behind you while you walk.

The Tooltips say the bonuses that they give, like max number of minions +1 and stuff like this.

The Mechanical Staff

This staff is made with 8 ship parts and is extremely powerful. It shoots 3 times per second, it has 62 base damage, it uses 12 mana, weak knockback and the bullets go as fast as a bullet shot by the SDMG. These minions are actually little turrets that shoot enemies. The only downside of them is that they need to stand still on the ground to shoot. Also, they use the ammo that is the first in the ammo slots. You only need 1 of that type of ammo, as they do not consume ammo. If you don't have any ammo in your inventory, it will make a sound that indicates that they have no ammo. The ammo that they shoot have the properties of the ammo that they are using, but the damage dealt doesn't change because of the bullet. They can shoot anything that can be put in the ammo slots (Seeds, arrows etc.). Tooltip: "Summons turrets that fight for you. They use your own ammo, but don't consume it."

Well, these are my ideas. I don't know if they have ever been requested before, but I myself came up with these. More ideas coming soon.
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