Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

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  1. IM TALKING ABOUT “THE VOID ITSELF” coloring that!
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    Yes, we get that. We're talking about what possible mechanism could be used to color "THE VOID ITSELF". Things in Terraria obtain a custom color for a reason; it doesn't just happen.

    Dyes color items which you have equipped. So if a dye were to be used to color "THE VOID ITSELF", that means you would have to be able to equip something so that you could dye it. Neither the Void Bag nor the Void Vault are equipable, so they could not be dyed.

    Paint is applied to objects in the world. If paint were to be used to color "THE VOID ITSELF", that means there would have to be something paintable placed in the world. The Void Vault is a furniture item, so it could be painted. However, there could be any number of such items in the world, so if you use the Void Bag to spawn a void, which Void Vault's paint determines what color it is?
  3. OK when you open up the void vault it opens up like the piggy bank so right there on the side of it it will have a little accessory slot or a dye slot to use. How are you not grasping that?
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    And why are you being asinine with “THE VOID ITSELF”?
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    @Kristo Artæmeus Grimm, you need to calm down. Please do not use insulting language like 'asinine' to refer to people who disagree with you. Thanks.
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    I was not grasping that because you never specifically said that. You said that you wanted dye slots, but you didn't say where they would be. Dye slots at present are only associated with equipped items, which the Void Vault/Bag is not one of. So if you wanted dye slots outside of equipment, you needed to be more explicit about that.

    So you want the color of the void to be defined by dye slots that are part of the storage object's storage itself. Now technically, it's not impossible. The Void Vault is a personal storage item, which is effectively a part of the player's inventory, much like equipment. So you could create two special locations in the character's inventory for this specific item, and have them appear as part of the Void Vault/Bag's storage.

    That being said, I don't think this is a worthwhile use of the developers' time. It would only be useful for the Void Vault/Bag. Compare that to adding dye slots to equipment locations; that's something that people use frequently.

    The only special thing about the Void Vault/Bag is that the bag allows this special auto-storage mechanic. Other than that, it is no different from a Piggy Bank. So why should it have dye slots and not the Piggy Bank/Money Trough/Safe/Defender's Forge? And is dying those things really important enough to take the time to implement?
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    Agreed. I think it's a really minor thing to have for them to code a brand new way of dyeing things in the game that has never existed before.
  7. Umm, ok? I thought people used websters dictionary knowing what a cussword is...
    Please show civility and understanding about why i used this word before you pc police me. Dude, i find your response to be arrogant. In all respect, look, please understand your vocabulary. I was already given a warning, and i believe i used proper wording. Dont PC me, for your benefit. I Found the guy using my reference to much which I took offensive because I believe he INTENDED IT, to be asinine...
    Seriously dude? Im trying to be nice here, and it seems like you are taking his side taunting me... wtf?
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    I apologize if I wasnt as specific as you wanted me to be. I do apologize but that is what I was on, it is only dying that little black hole looking thing that is considered the void that im on. I apologize for not being so specific.
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    I also believe I am American and I also have the right to free speech so asinine is not a cuss word it is a vocabulary word used to express something of its definition. Not cool to get me in trouble over a vocabulary word... Especially when I’m using it in its definition value!
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    This isn't America, this is an discussion forum on the Internet. You do not have the right to insult people here, in violation of our rules.

    Your privileges to post further in this thread have been revoked, and I will discuss this further with you in private.
  9. This will be good for my new fishing play through were I can put all of my extra quest fish and extra loot from the angler SECRETSTORAGE!
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    Thank you finally now I wont have to throw some of my stuff away :)
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    So... Do we know when the release for Terraria on Nintendo Switch is? Or is that still TBD? :confused:
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    Hmm... This is nice. I'd personally like the ability for players to sit on chairs, not just NPCs.
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    I have some absolutely wonderful news to share with you
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    Still TBD, though they have said they are making progress.
    And that news is?
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    Holy crap! Milkshakes!
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    And Sitting on chairs!
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    And a helmet rack
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    i really really can't wait! this new update will be the best thing, next to taco Tuesdays.
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    ok yeah cut the corny crap
    uhhh yeah I really want to know how to craft and or obtain it
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    STOP IT NOW! Hype for seagulls lol
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    maybe same as the chest
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