Journey's End Vanity Contest!

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Are they gonna announce the winners, or will nobody know until they release it? I'm getting goosebumps, I worked day and night on my submission.
I'm trying my best not to worry about it, honestly. I figure the finalists will be revealed on Steam and the forums after all the entries are tallied up over the next few days, yeah?
I wish there could be multiple winners for different divisions. Like "most creative" or "Best pixel art" and then there's an overall winner who gets there set into the game.
Yeah it was still fun to see people's submissions
Occasionally I did look thru the submission thread, that was really interesting
And when I discovered the fact that I've seen all of them I was like "Woah, I really did that? I'm proud of myself"
Probably not really an achivement, but hey, that's a lot of looking I did
Twin worries and does not worry about how this will turn out, twin only is in horrible panic of how this will turn out. yes. panic indeed. sweet delicious panic.
Can I make a post about my submission on Reddit, or is it somehow against the rules?
i'm sure u can make a post about it on reddit! if you are worried then maybe tag ur terraria forums account user in it so that they'll know its you? i posted my submission on instagram for fun and it seems like other people are doing the same thing as well. i think you'll be fine :)
Welp, I put my entry on this thread and didn't realize there was a seperate thread until just now so I guess I won't be seeing mine in game any time soon
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