tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more


This mod adds a bunch of items that I wanted, largely infinite versions of existing items as well as combinable versions to save inventory space. Sprites are just vanilla ones because I don't really care about sprites, just function :D.

If you want to message me about the mod you can do so on Discord, Luiafk#2275.

Link for when Mod Browser isn't available :).

Drill Mount too slow?

Ammo/Consumable Weapons/Health/Mana/Buff Potions (including Modded items):
If you have one of the Unlimited Buff items in your inventory any potion (modded or otherwise) that is stacked to atleast 30 will not be consumed on use, and will auto-apply when in your inventory or piggy bank.
You'll need all of the items in one stack, so you'll need a mod like MaxStacksPlus or Stack Increase.
The amounts needed for the items to not be consumed are as follows:
Any ammo that isn't a solution: 3996
Solutions: 999
Thrown Weapons: 999
Consumable weapons that don't do throwing damage (Tremor Alchemist etc): 3996
Buff potions: 30
Healing potions: 120
Mana potions: 300

PDA and Cell Phone will also work from your piggy bank if you have an unlimited buff item in your inventory.

Thrown weapons was hard to decide on, because the cost to craft varies so much, but I think this is ok in general.

I've left (and will be leaving in) the vanilla unlimited ammo/thrown weapons etc. because some have lower costs, and because people will have already made them and I don't want them to have to farm again or use Cheat Sheet. These can also still be crafted.


So in this mod the potions don't give any buff, they just sit in your inventory and increase your stats (you can tell that the potion is working by checking your damage/health/armor etc).
Almost every vanilla potion has an unlimited variant, as well as some extra unlimited potions for other buffs (heart lanterns, campfire, sharpening station etc).

These combine up as you get more potions, eventually almost every buff is in one potion.

The main reason I made this is because when using Compressed Potions you'd hit the buff cap with the fully upgraded one from a bunch of buffs that are no use to you (mining potion while in a boss fight, or magic power while playing a melee character etc).

A few of the potions have a toggle, you can access the toggles by using the Settings hotkey.

Potions with toggles are:

Ultimate Battler Potion massively increases the spawn rate and max spawns.
Ultimate Peaceful Potion greatly reduces the spawn rate and max spawns.

Invis Potion, Grav Potion, Featherfall Potion, Crate Potion, Spelunker Potion, and Dangersense/Hunter.

Inferno Potion has a toggle for the visual effect, the burning nearby enemies is always on.

There's 3 potions which are slightly different to the rest:

Teleportation Potion:
Use the item (or the upgraded item) to teleport to a random location.

Wormhole Potion:
Works like the normal wormhole, except the players head doesn't get bigger when you mouse over them on the map.

Recall Potion:
This potions has a hotkey that you can set in controls, just set the hotkey and whenever you press it you will teleport home.

Upgraded Grand Design:
Crafted from the Grand Design, Actuators, and Wire. Consumes no actuators or wire, otherwise works the same as the Grand Design.

Improved Actuation Rod:
Works like the Grand Design, click and drag to select the area that you want to reverse the actuation state of blocks.
Right-click will also activate any wire that is clicked on, to save you having a switch placed, or just let you activate something from further range.

There's auto-builders for Hellevator, Subway, NPC Prisons, Skybridge, Fishing Pool, Fishing Biome, and a ground flattener. These are unlimited, you can select the material you want to have them built out of (options are Stone Slab, Gray Brick, and the woods) using the Settings hotkey. The are all (except the ground flattener) lit up all the way down/along. The Hellevator and Subway have a wall enclosing them, and have the background wall filled in to stop any spawns.

Subway and Skybridge combine, so that you can place Obsidian/Asphalt platforms (and destroy tiles to make a WoF platform) or place a minecart track without the background wall/floor/ceiling.

Also added Unlimited Asphalt Platforms, these can be used like normal platforms, or you can use them with the fully upgraded Platform and Minecart Builder.

Paint Tool:

Made from just the normal paintbrush, scraper, and roller. Doesn't require paint, placeholder mode icons for now :p.
Smart-cursor can be used with it, upto 60 tiles per second.
Right-click to bring up the options like Grand Design.

Unlimited/Baitless Fishing Rods that get extra lines as you complete quests:


Starts off with less power than you'd probably have by using the normal version + bait, but allows unlimited fishing obviously (and saving bait for the later versions). Later rods are more powerful than the vanilla version, and have High Test Fishing Line built in.
Every 5 quests you complete you'll gain an extra line for the unlimited rods.

Travelling and Skeleton Merchant Town NPCs:

Travelling merchant can spawn once you have 3 town npcs and are carrying 50 gold. Skeleton merchant can arrive after you've killed a total of 50 skeletons (any that count for the Skeleton banner).

Shops work the way they normally do, changing daily for the travelling dude, changing each day/night/half-second for the skeleton or whatever it is.

Mobile Piggy Bank/Safe/Defender's Forge/Mobile Merchant:
They start off individual, the Piggy Bank, Safe, and Mobile Merchant can be combined. This then combines with the Mobile Defender's Forge so you get all 4 in one.
(Images need updated, Safe now spawns below you, the Fairy Merchant spawns above you since the merchant was added.)
Fairy Merchant sold by the Merchant once Queen Bee has been defeated.
Fairy Merchant can handle all your fishing quest needs.


Money Collector:

Does what it says, just keep it in your inventory. Sold by the Travelling Merchant.

Unlimited water/lava/honey buckets, as well as a multipurpose sponge that works on all liquids. These can be combined into one item and you can choose the mode using the settings hotkey.
This upgrades to the Fishing Pool Builder.

Unlimited Event Enablers:
Unlimited Goblin Army, Frost Legion, Martian, Pirate, Frost/Pumpkin Moon, Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse items. For the Goblin Army, Frost Legion, and the Pirate events they will instantly start the event (or any naturally occuring one) instead of having to wait the minute or so it normally takes. Most events aren't farmed much in modded so these are pretty easy to make.

Also has Halloween/Christmas Enablers (lasts until morning when it needs reapplied), and Rain/Sandstorm toggles.

Unlimited/Random Items:
Unlimited versions of pretty much all vanilla ammo and throwing weapons, these are craftable as soon as you can get the ammo (ie they're craftable at a workbench instead of a Crystal Ball or something).

Unlimited Bombs/Dynamite/Torches/Glowsticks, torches/glowsticks work while holding shift.

Unlimited Rope/Rope Coils/Streamers (Rope from the Party Girl)/Chain.

Plantera Bulb Locator, finds a Plantera Bulb.

Jungle Temple locator. For the times when you've spent ages trying to find it, you can use this. Just prints the coordinates in chat, has a large range, but not an entire large world.

Time changer. Changes the time to the following night/day, so it can trigger events, change moon phase etc.

Loot Magnet. Drops from Wall of Flesh, pretty much the entire map in range :D.

Craftable Demon/Crimson Altar. Can be placed an unlimited amount of times, won't spawn ore when destroyed though ;).

Single-Target Dummy:

Can be homed in on so you can properly test the dps of your weapons, hitbox is about the size of Eye of Cthulhu all the time (cause the little bosses would be annoying), despawns when a boss is summoned so you can't cheese bosses with weapons like Earth (cause weapons like earth will summon projectiles when they hit this, unlike the normal dummies). Command below to show the hitbox if you want it.

3 Building accessories. The first you can get at the start of the game, it just lets you mine faster. The second you can get after skeletron, it lets you use tools faster and place blocks and walls faster and at a longer range. The third is post moon lord and massively increases tool, block, and wall speed as well as increasing range by a large amount.

Unlimited Mana accessory because I hate mana potions :D. starts off just giving unlimited mana and reducing damage by 30%, can be upgraded as you kill bosses (obviously this isn't the most balanced item, but I don't care, I don't like mana potions :D).

Some Commands:


I think that's all the stuff included.

There's also some recipes that basically make corruption and crimson interchangable so it doesn't matter which world type you start with, you can still get the drops from the other type, or make the biome out of your existing one. Recipes for the biome chest items in dungeon too since mods like to add upgraded versions (and you'll be missing whichever evil chest your world didn't spawn with), items are craftable from the key, a temple key and some ectoplasm.

I made the Hotline Fishing Rod a reward from the 35th fishing quest so that you can get the inferno potion (and upgrade if you want) in normal mode. You can no longer catch the spear from lava in normal mode because of this :).
How do u download on a mobile device
@miningcrack Hey. Comments / discussions are disabled on the Workshop page for LuiAFK Reborn, so I guess I'll report this here.
The Fairy Merchant seems to cause issues with NPC banner drawing, which is causing one of my mods to break the game.
I think it has something to do with the Fairy Merchant not having a head files / not using the AutoloadHead attribute combined with it setting NPC.homeTileX/homeTileY. This makes vanilla think the Merchant should have a banner when it shouldn't, and thus break when it tries to look up the Merchant's nonexistent head in TextureAssets.NpcHead. By itself, it causes a small pause and a silent error when NPC banners are first drawn. With my mod, it deletes all UI.
I don't know why you're setting NPC.homeTileX and homeTileY, but I think you'd be able to get around this by using NPCID.Sets.ActsLikeTownNPC instead. The Example Bone Merchant might also be a good place to look for not-quite Town NPCs like the Fairy Merchant.

A log is included below, and I've reproduced this on both stable and preview versions of tModLoader.
Thank you for your time!


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Not everyone wants to be forced to use discord to give feedback, did you really have so much traffic that you had to disable comments?
Well I guess the "smart" people can still do so on these forums, if you still read them.


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There's a key you have to bind to enable the LuiAFK feature bar, which has the Spelunker toggle thing as well as a few other toggles. It might default to "u" or "h" or something but you can still set it yourself. It's in the bottom area of the regular Terraria Keybindings area.

EDIT, because I can't double post even after all this time. Aaaaaah.

@miningcrack - What do you know about the "Tool Time" item's expanded reach, and how it interacts with Journey Mode's extra expanded reach mode under the Powers Menu? (The wall item - The middle icon in the "Fist" icon.) It seems that when I have the Tool Time item in my inventory, my reach is suddenly far less. But this isn't the case when I have the "dig faster" item, its predecessor.
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I am glad to have the pleasure to inform you: I have published it on the steam workshop. Currently the auto-harvesters are not working (I disabled them for now) and the target dummy only has one frame of a texture.

I Did not test it in Multiplayer!!
If you encounter bugs of any form please report them on the workshop page or in here, I'll have a look at them whenever I can.

Workshop Link: Steam Workshop::miningcrack's Take on Luiafk
Hi there @miningcrack, I wanted to let you know that there has been updates to the modding rules that affect abandoned mods. It’s recently been brought to forum staff’s attention that members have ported old mods, and we wanted to give some rules and guidelines on what’s allowed.

You, and others, can read the announcement here: Important - ANNOUNCEMENT: Modding Rule Update 2023/02/01

Please take a moment to look the announcement over, and to make sure that your port of Luiafk’s mod meet these guidelines. If not, please let me know in a private message and we can work through things.
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