Important ANNOUNCEMENT: Modding Rule Update 2023/02/01


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There has been a change to the Important - Player-Created Game Enhancements: Rules & Guidelines detailing a new rule regarding updating abandoned mods. The new rule can be read below:
  • Do not use content from another mod, or that you do not have the right to, unless the mod is an update to a previously abandoned mod, and it meets the below requirements:
    • Updating may only take place if the creator cannot be contacted at all, and has been offline from the forums for more than one year. For mods developed by a team, it must not be possible to reach any member of the team.
    • No changes are allowed to be made to the mod, other than what is needed to update it to the latest version of tModloader and/or Terraria. Changes include modifications, balance changes, additions and removals.
    • The updated mod's name needs to be the same as the original (minor changes to indicate the new version are permitted, for example adding "Updated" as a suffix). Where possible, the new name should also include the original author's name.
    • It must be made extremely clear in the mod thread and description that this is simply an update, and credit to the original mod creator and a link to original mod thread must be given and must be displayed prominently.
    • None of the original mod assets can be used for anything other than the mod (don't incorporate the abandoned mod's assets into your own).
    • The updated version will be removed if at any time the original mod creator notifies us that they wish for it to be removed.

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did not this was a rule. but what if in the case of someone using assets from another mod before these rules where added
It has always been a rule that you cannot take assets from another mod without permission, this doesn’t change that. This affects old, abandoned mods that don’t work in the current version of tmodloader.


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This is a basic copyright rule. The rules focus on updating old foreign mods to 1.4.4

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does this also affect resource packs and with this in place is it possible for a mod to take another mod to court
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does this also affect resource packs and with this in place is it possible for a mod to take another mod to court
As with mods, it has always been unacceptable to take assets from someone else's resource pack (music or sprites) without obtaining permission beforehand from the original creator. Stealing is wrong - that should not come as a surprise to anyone.

If people want to take legal action over mod/resource pack infringement, that's up to them. Just keep the drama off this forum, please, we don't want any part of that here.
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