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My son (18yrs old) just recently started a channel for gamers to watch and enjoy! It's live streamed sometimes and interactive so if you have any ideas or any games that you would like to see on that channel, then it would be welcomed!!

- I hope to entertain anyone who journey's into my channel and support anyone who likes the content I put out, you are welcome to give me any ideas of what games you would like me to play. Feel free to add me on PSN @ Zadilsky2

Thank you so much - DarkSlayer80
The link is
Also, anyone who subscribes to his channel, I will subscribe to yours!!!
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Just started with a Terraria Playthrough, but my Stream highlights and other games will take place here aswell.
I speedrun Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 and GTA San Andreas, and also play Terraria on Stream. I'm a beginner, but I am eager to improve myself so I'd appriciate comments on what should be changed, and how would you like it to be. I swear sometimes in videos, and on Stream aswell so viewer discretion advised I guess.

Here is the first episode of the playthrough, enjoy :) ! Please read the description for some information.
I really liked your first Terraria playthrough! I had a good laugh when you made the door two blocks above the floor, thinking that would stop the guide from leaving but he just hopped up and out like it was nothing!:D Pretty funny stuff! You did a great job and your english is great! I can't wait to view more and see what your world will end up looking like! I'm a big fan of creations! Are you going to be creating anything special such as wiring mechanisms or farms with a hoik system or even any creative builds? I know it's too early to start that yet, but do you think that you might do something like that in the future? Thanks! Good stuff!


Yes, I will build a lot of things. Thats what I do usually on Stream aswell, and I'm all about that redstone. I love to come up with my own designs for things. I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for your reply!
Anytime Alex!:happy: Just keep making those videos and I will keep on watchin them, liking them and sometimes commenting on them! I can't wait to see your builds! Once you get more fans and build a fan base more or less, maybe you can involve them in your game somehow! Like make special builds for them that they petition for you to make. Then add their name on a sign beside it or something! That could really grab you some more attention! And more attention means more subscribers!:nursepassionate::merchantpassionate:~:passionate:`:passionate::pinky::passionate: I don't know, just an idea.....


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I guess this message is long overdue.
I have a huge passion for YouTube, and take it really seriously. If you take a few minutes to check it out, that would mean the world to me. I work really hard to make videos. I do Terraria and other games. I even did a series with Aurora.
Question: What if we do Terraria and other games?
It doesn't matter what content your YouTube channel has, as long as you have one, go ahead and post it! ;)


I finally posted my very first video 2 days ago and I got some great responses! I use a Ghost Box and get some pretty cool voices answering back! My wife and I have experienced apparitions in our bedroom doorway! We both AT THE SAME TIME saw a spirit of a tall thin old man. He was peeking in on us while we were watching T.V! Also, again at the same time, we saw an apparition of a small girl with a poofy dress. She was also peeking in on us! If anyone is interested in hearing voices possibly from the other side, then you just might enjoy my channel! I only have 2 videos at the moment but there is more to come possibly. I am, sometimes, Ricky Berwick's camera man. That is when he needs one, so I may be able to have him in some of my videos too! If you don't know who he is, he's got well over 1 million subscribers and he's a good friend of mine! Here is my channel! Enjoy the two videos (so far)


Hi, on my channel, I'm working on a Terraria Completionist run, and I also will do various other gaming videos. It's likely to be very random as to what I do for a video each time, but there will be some consistency, mostly around more 'official' series.

Quick warning though: I haven't posted a video on the completionist run right now since my editing software is having some issues, and I just started, so I don't have many videos. I actually made a few on some stuff, but I had to scrap them due to quality and recording issues.

The link to my channel is in my signature, if you didn't notice. Ring the bell to be notified when I actually get my videos to work!
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