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Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

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Hey Mr. Loki can you tell me how to tell what kind of fish the angler wants for his quests? It doesn't seem to say specifically. Thank you for the game on iOS it's pretty cool. Also what are the best ways to get some truffle worms? because the size of the screen seems to be downsized now and I can't see anything around me very far
Is the update already out?...
Optic staff doing work for me!


Yeah, I think this is the incorrect build that they pushed. If you go into the tutorial, it says "Passcode:" in the bottom right-hand corner.

Functionally, this may be the same build, but we'll have to see what they say about it as I'm sure they're aware of this.


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Crashes? Did yours crash before?

Ok, PLEASE make sure you file a ticket with 505 CS immediately along with every bit of info you can provide. Clearly this isn't something that is occurring with as much certainty in QA checks (or it wouldn't even pass certification) - so whatever was done didn't fix the entire problem.

I want to get them on this ASAP and find that final solution for a hotfix.

Can you be way more specific? As noted above, I'm going to do my best to make sure any and all un-caught issues are flagged and fixed as quickly as humanly possible. In that effort, I need CS tickets filed and way more detail than "It has bugs". ;)
Oh... yeah I forgot to say the bugs... silly me... ok, the crafting menu wont scroll, and fishing rods won't cast the bobber... so... I can't fish, and I can't craft.
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Has ANYONE found a truffle worm , I turned my jungle to a mushroom biome and went around it for 40 min. NOTHING (Probably RNG going against me) (even used water candle)
I waited so long and my device isn't compatible that sucks..:sigh:;(:mad:
Im sorry man, that really sucks. You were the one of the most hyped about it too. Hopefully you could get a new device in the future.
EDIT:wow lucky I got the update before appstore turned around, Also my ocram trophy changed to ice queen trophy ._.


as ANYONE found a truffle worm , I turned my jungle to a mushroom biome and went around it for 40 min. NOTHING (Probably RNG going against me) (even used water candle)
You are not the only one, I have not been able to find any either, I have also found out that timers are not functioning for me, spear traps are not able to damage enemies and there are still some commonly known bugs that I was surprised to find out were not fixed! Sorry, not trying to have at the developers or anything, it's just a little frustrating!
Also, wooden chairs that I already had placed in my world have a weird graphical glitch where you can see a pink line above them, this can easily be fixed by breaking them and placing them! Thanks for the update anyway guys, love all the content, especially all the updated item sprites!
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Was excited for the update, now a year of progress is probably gone, it sent me back to the Demo Version, and pressing get full game brings me to the Play store to the Paid Terraria. Help!


No spider armor!? Goodbye summoner run ;_;. (Just wanted to note it here that spider fangs dont drop) I killed like 15 of them and nothing. Oh well so far the update is pretty good, still hunting for a worm though...
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