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Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary


Really cool but I'm surprised it doesn't show the kill count?

Also sorting by kill count would be pretty neat.
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This looks awesome. I have question about the search function tho, if you search for an item like say the rod of discord, well it show you all the enemies that drop the rod of discord?

First Boss

The Destroyer
When you kill the guide in 1.4
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If you look at the beastiary, until the 33rd, all visible are NPC's. Terraria has 26 NPC's at the moment. The Golfer and the Zoo-NPC are present. Means there are 28. Until 33 it is invisible if it could be an NPC. So that means there must be at least three more NPC's, to get it to 31. but maybe there are 2 more NPC's too. And the NPC's at the end aren't any that house. So there might be new NPC's, that are travelling around the world. Or maybe more.

So lets say, 31 NPC's in total, means there are 5 new NPC's in total. If 32 and 33 are also NPC's, then 6 or 7 new NPC's.

Maybe the Pet-NPC's will count as these.
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So many people complaining about the Zoologist just because she's an antropomorphised animal... I mean, we already have a literally half-nude nature spirit (Dryad), a humanoid lizard witch doctor, a humanoid fungus and even a cyborg... She doesn't feel so out of the ordinary for Terraria.

First Boss

The Destroyer
People are pointing out the new blood moon piranhas and mini-boss but they dont realize the new blood moon squid
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