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Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

    Yeah, I'll buy it for sure.
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  2. Wemmy

    Wemmy Spazmatism

    This Music is Amazing... I can't deny it. Who can't? I love Otherworld, though, I'll have to buy it to stay in-date with the Terraria fans.. .3.
  3. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    Oh lordy lordy, the BGM sample for arctic is way too good.
  4. ValmontDraconus

    ValmontDraconus Terrarian

    Really digging the music for the Corruption.
  5. Deadonarrival

    Deadonarrival Skeletron Prime

    I think its a great idea to implement some rpg mechanics in the game. It will be an excellent way to test if everyone likes the changes. The game will be a great way to get the pulse of the community on different ideas and mechanics before some or all of them are possibly implemented into Terraria 2. I for one trust the judgement of the dev team and if they want to add some RPG elements into the game, fine by me. Pretty much anything other than completely altering the Terraria formula is fine. I know with definite certainty that it will come out stellar in the end, no matter what they add or subtract.
  6. ZeroFrozen

    ZeroFrozen Terrarian

    Not a fan. Will still probably get it though. We'll see.
  7. Tamorr

    Tamorr Terrarian

    I am liking the sound and look so far. Interesting there is going to be something done with the space part of the world, wonder how floaty it will be up there... looks like a lot of different materials to work with when building, and sure that is just a fraction; as it is just a handful of biomes.:dryadhappy:

    probably a bit more to do with the area above the islands... As that even in Terraria is called space. Just a guess though...
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  8. xtravisage

    xtravisage Terrarian

    I'm getting a Xenoblade vibe from the soundtrack. I like it.
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  9. eli sexyness

    eli sexyness Terrarian

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  10. musicbyjonathan

    musicbyjonathan Terrarian

    Thanks for all the feedback, reading through all of it :) Very excited we can finally share some of the music with you all!
  11. BOT Eric

    BOT Eric Terrarian

    10/10 Would listen to again!
    I love the music it makes the game more Exciting.
    Props to the Developers!!!!
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  12. solar_eclipse

    solar_eclipse Eye of Cthulhu

    This is amazing. Arctic Biome sounds so soothing and space looks like you can speed up time in.
  13. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    There's zero similarities with Minecraft's vector cubes. The art style is perfectly reminiscent of Golden Axe era gaming with some 2015 smoothness and lighting.

    Google Images > Golden Axe
  14. RetroGenesis

    RetroGenesis Official Terrarian

    My only problem with the Corruption music is that it has too many drums, or that the drums are too prominent. And the electric guitar needs to either be removed or modified. I think it would better suit it's environment if it was more ominous and spooky. Less Rock n Roll, more Doom & Gloom. I like the end part though, the yell or roar or whatever that was.
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  15. Sodapone

    Sodapone Retinazer

    I'll give my individual breakdowns on each of the songs featured.

    Corruption: Holy hell. You turned a song that was in a minor key but was still upbeat and funky into one of the most menacing songs I've ever heard. The drums and bass provide this constant, oppressive feeling that make it feel like you're trying to desperately escape this sickly, barren land. Hopefully the Corruption will turn out to be more menacing overall in Otherworld; I feel like the Crimson had upstaged it with the music, design, and atmosphere.
    Arctic: Welp, you got pretty damn far into my "Favourite Ice Level Music" list. Perhaps #2, right behind Snowman from MOTHER. Unlike a lot of other ice themes I hear, this one's much more uptempo, making it feel more like a bold adventure into the great white yonder rather than a chilly night to stay cozy in a cabin.
    Space: This sounds like Your Precious Moon from Portal 2. And that's good, I liked Your Precious Moon. Basically what I mean is that it has tense instrumentation on relative silence, making it feel as if you're alone in this vast black emptiness...or are you?
    Crystal Cave: I suppose it gives the feeling of having discovered a cave full of bright shinies, as well as a slight tense feeling as if--again--you're not alone. Not my favourite, but it gives a good feeling.

    Overall, this is blowing Terraria's soundtrack out of the water, and I seriously respected Terraria's soundtrack! You're really outdoing yourself this time!
  16. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Thank YOU for all the hard work and epic sounds. :)
  17. Mohl

    Mohl Terrarian

    I like it, but it looks a bit strange. The breathing animations are straight in the uncanny valley.
  18. Tomazo

    Tomazo Skeletron Prime

    It sounds and looks great! I think Otherworld is a great project and a beautiful spin-off of Terraria. I can't wait until its release! :)
  19. demon123K

    demon123K Terrarian

    hey re-logic i have a question for you guys can you make a mac version,im am a big fan i play it on mobile and it crashed i hope you make my wish :)
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  20. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Terraria for Mac will be coming soon after the 1.3 update is released at the end of the month :) Terraria: Otherworld will be released for both PC and Mac when it comes out this year :)
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