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Pet Peeves: Non-Indicative Mod Titles


Does this drive anyone else insane? When browsing the Mod Browser, I often find mods that, from the name, sound like they're one thing, then when you click them, turn out to be something entirely different. Most often, it's a mod name that sounds like it adds a feature, or makes a certain alteration to the game, only to find out it's basically "My First Content Mod Number 28461" with 1 material, 2 weapons, and 1 ore.
I don't understand what the deal is with the incredibly bad naming conventions. With many other game mods, usually the names are very indicative.
More often than not, Starbound mods, for example, say directly what they add or change in the mod's title, and usually follow said theme pretty well.
Bethesda game mods are often the same way, aside from some larger, more well-known ones that can get away with fancy "brand" names.
Minecraft mods tend to do the "brand" name thing more often, but are still most often indicative of the contents in some way.
But Terraria mods...

Maybe it's just more pronounced and noticable because the Mod Browser doesn't have content type displays or filters without individually clicking each mod and hoping it has a decent description.
I'm not sure... But surely someone else has felt this way?


I'm pretty sure the mod browser shows the amount of content a mod has such as x amount of items and y amount of enemies. If you use hamstar's mod helpers, you can sort through mods more specifically. But I do agree that there are a bunch of mods that pretty much add nothing and that's why I will always look at a forum post or else I won't even bother downloading the mod.


On top of misleading mod names, what I really find annoying is when mod authors can't even be bothered to give their mod a proper description. I almost never download a mod if it can't even be bothered to do that much. There are a lot of beginner mods where someone makes a sword or two and upload it.
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