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  1. Gabe

    Gabe Official Terrarian

    Alright, me and my friend are stuggling with plantera. I have full hallowed range armor with megshark and ichor bullet and he has full hallowed armor with laser riffle.

    Here is the things:

    1: My megashark is unreal, his laser riffle is mythical
    2: We use, endurance potion, regeneration, ironskin, swifness, and he use magic power
    3: We use the ammo box + crystal ball

    We have a big arena and we are trying to burst it down but, when the second stage takes place, we die so fast. The 9 vine instead of 3 is quite broken IMO. You can't move at all and since we are multiplayer, it health scale and with expert it is destroying us so fast. Its been like the ... seventh time we try it but .. Yeah, its hard, how did you guys did it. Additionnaly, with patch you cant use the old lazy way of 130 armor + vampire knives since biome chest are blocker until plantera is defeated....

    Please help, we are getting quite pissed off at this thing
  2. Gabe

    Gabe Official Terrarian

    Still failed another try. We are really starting to think that this boss is ... unbalanced. I had turtle armor with chloro mask and we still coudn't kill it.
  3. Mohl

    Mohl Terrarian

    I used shroomite and beetle and still couldn't win. Plantera and up requires Lunar stuff, practically.
  4. Gabe

    Gabe Official Terrarian

    Yeah but that is not legit. I mean, its ... broken, unbalanced. The goal of expert mode is too make it hard to force player to use arena, strategies and such but being cheap is not. Like, monster spawning on you from the wall for 150 dmg you can't dodge. Or plantera with the 9 vines instead of 3. I mean, Its cheap if it require us to use normal mode stuff to win :(

    I thought of doing it the old and lazy way which is, vampire knive with turtle + chlorophyte mask + full defense accessories (frozen shell) for 140 def with buff so you can just out sustain her but still. This is cheap since you can't open dungeon chest before plantera now.
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    Harder boss, alright, more HP and harder AI alright. But making it statiscally impossible to win agasint it since its faster than you and you access better stuff. That is ... cheap for me. Which they actually tested this out, I mean they probably did but still, on the test sheet. After 150 try, I was finally able to do plantera. Expert mode is balanced.

    Alright, no nerf willl be apply.
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  5. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    Plantera is simply an endurance fight. If you're having trouble, upgrade. If you're still in Hallowed, get Chlorophyte. Weapon not doing the job? Find another one that will.
  6. Gabe

    Gabe Official Terrarian

    How can I get more DPS than an Unreal Megashark. Its not possible now, before it was, my old trick for plantera was the piranha gun and just chill flying in the jungle and after 20 minute it was dead but now, nope, try it yourself. :)

    If you can do it, tell me how because I've asked 10 people and only 1 of them did it, with the coin gun and lot's of money and 40% not to consume ammo. So yeah.
    Lot's of people on reddit are raging because of it. The difference between the stuff power and the boss power between the mechanicals and plantera is too high. No dungeon biome chest. The only way I think i'll be able is to wait for an solar eclipse and try to loot a better weapon but still, this is not the way expert should work, even the hardest mode of any game should be able to be beat even with the weakest weapon, usings skills but yeah.
  7. OFF

    OFF Spazmatism

    maybe it's an accessory problem? I've heard that defense is more effective in expert. Maybe armor penetration (i saw there are some things that gives you that) could work too. I don't know. But remind that Ex-mode is supposed to be WAY harder than normal mode.
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  8. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    DPS doesn't mean everything, you know. There are bosses in other game where tankiness and endurance is key. This is no different for Terraria. Try the Vemon Staff or the Magical Harp, etc.
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  9. OFF

    OFF Spazmatism

    aww yiss. Ye olde magical harp. I loved that.
  10. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    Rig up Heart Statues and use buff potions such as Lifeforce, Endurance, and Ironskin. My group personally hasn't made it to Plantera yet but just from potions alone our survivability vs Mechs skyrocketed.

    There is not a single problem in this game that cannot be solved with the application of enough Heart Statues, except for "I don't have any Heart Statues" which is ultimately solved by getting lucky and finding a Heart Statue.
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  11. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    Potions in a nutshell:

    Normal mode; useful, but not required.

  12. Gabe

    Gabe Official Terrarian

    Exactly, you just gave more points to my argument, a part of expert mode is based out of luck and not skills, I mean, heart statue, yeah, but what If I don't have one in my world. For potiions its alright but mannnn
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  13. OFF

    OFF Spazmatism

    also, archery, wrath, inferno, lifeforce and rage pots are REEEEEALLY useful for your health and DPS issues
  14. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    Honestly, Well Fed/Ironskin/Endurance/Regeneration potions already add ridiculous HP regen when combined with Cozy Fire and Heart Lantern, if you can get a Moon Stone and fight Plantera at night you'll have something like 6 or 7hp/sec regen, Heart Statues are only really useful in large amounts since one statue only seems to be able to spit out one heart/10s now

    Really though, potions

    You'll even get tons of HM ore/bars from crates you fish up while getting the potion fish and then if you make Wormhole Potions you can have your spawn point be with the nurse far from your arena and heal up then teleport back to your friend
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  15. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    There is luck in anything, but Terraria definitely has more skill required than luck. Expert mode is all about preparation and honing your tactics.

    Finding and rigging up ONE Heart statue is not difficult at all and potions are a must in Expert mode.
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  16. Wrulfy

    Wrulfy Terrarian

    I've been thinking, if you aren't doing summoner, you could add to your actual gear, the summoner potion and the bewitching table, and use one hornet, one spider and one imp to have them putting venom, poisoned and on fire on plantera for added overall damage.

    also, how about the classic arena with a corridor with teleporters on both sides?
  17. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    Upgrade to Chlorophyte armor, and maybe try using chlorophyte bullets for maximum efficiency. Also maybe experiment with what Yrimir did, lead Plantera throughout the jungle moving fast with wings during second stage.
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  18. XenoCat

    XenoCat Steampunker

    You mentioned playing with a friend, right? Well bosses scale for the amount of people on the server. You'll have to put that into consideration. Try doubly hard. Make an arena, upgrade your armor to the best possible, get a ranged weapon for each of you that fires as fast, and as deadly, as possible. A chlorophyte shotbow should work fine. Hellfire or Chlorophyte arrows ought to kill Plantera after a while.

    Make sure you have potions, Endurance, Ironskin, Regeneration, Rage, Thorns, Swiftness, Archery(If using arrows), Magic power (if using magic), Lifeforce, Hearthreach. Anything that can give you the edge is required in Expert Mode. Otherwise you'll keep trying and fail, unfortunately.
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  19. Evan20000

    Evan20000 Terrarian

    Did a full Expert Mode playthrough myself. Plantera is the hardest boss in the game. First you need a BIG arena. Like 3-4 times as large as you normally have one with platforms extending vertically throughout the entire thing. Several screens high if possible. Mobility is key to this fight. Wings, Storms in Balloons and Hooks are your friend here.

    The other thing is your weapon choice. The megashark is bad for the most part because of the way damage is calculated in Expert as opposed to in Normal. Harder hitting slower firing weapons are generally the way to go. Unless you have a Menacing Avenger Emblem + Menacing Ranger Emblem, I wouldn't even bother with it. If you get lucky enough for a Solar Eclipse, Broken Hero Swords will start dropping left and right on Expert, giving you access to the Terra Blade which is a fantastic option. If you'd rather stay with ranged, farm for an UZI. It's functionally identical to your megashark, but the higher frontloaded damage dramatically increases the effectiveness. I can't comment on magic since I feel like I'm the one person who plays Terraria with 0 interest in mages. :p (Go ranged or go home!)

    After the nightmare that is Plantera, the worst is behind you. Golem is a joke, the moons are trivial with the new mounts and the Moon Lord isn't nearly as hard as everyone makes him out to be if you kill the head first. (That solar pillar though.... ugh...)

    Good luck!
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  20. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime

    I beat plantera in expert quite easily with a golden shower (for inflicting ichor) and a chlorophyte shotbow with holy arrows (and i wore chlorophyte armor)