Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


Been playing Terraria since ole Skel was the final boss; have had a lot of stupid things happen to me. Went through a lot of the posts here and I can certainly say that I feel your pain, fellas. I think my worst luck in Terraria (with luck being limited to critical hits, enemy spawns, chest/item spawns/drops, reforging and damage taken, plus maybe one or two other things, in my eyes) was a year or two ago when I set up a perfectly valid AFK farm in the snow biome, I think it was. Left my computer running for 4-5 days, checking back whenever I could (waking up, before work, after work, every 30-60 minutes while home) and still didn't get it. Finally ragequit Terraria for a few days, then came back and within an hour there were 3 >.<

I think my second-worse was when Expert mode had just come out and I made my new char, made a new world, went in and I'm right on the border of the snow biome. Go running the other way and there's Crimson. Upon getting good enough stuff to explore the surface I found 3 chests total actually on the surface or in a cave that didn't require digging to. My loot? A Wand of Sparking, a Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage, and an Umbrella.

Third, in terms of frustrating, would have to be finding something nice, dying, then failing to get back for the next hour, haha.

Gotta love Terraria ^^


1. How I never get to craft at least 1 rainbow dye.
2. Killed Queen Bee 12(?) Times, Honeyed Goggles dropped at 12th try.
3. How I have only found about 2-3 ice chests in the snow biome of all the worlds I explored.
4. Reforged Molten Hamaxe once, results were Shameful, Broken.... until a Savage appeared when I was broke.
5. Fought Skeletron but fell into a large cave in the snow biome, 100+ HP gone, and so is my fight against Skeletron.
You got them on the 12th try? It took me over 30


I've been farming for so long on my Melee Character, but I haven't gotten Wings yet, and I've killed so many Harpies and Wyverns. Screw you RNG!

You could try the Leaf Wings.

On topic, the duke Fishron and Golem are both fond of hinding the loot I want, I've once got the Flailron at the 31th kill, and another time get the Razorblade Typhoon at 17th kill without the bubble gun. For Golem, I am unlikely to get both Eye of Golem and Sun Stone in the same playthrough.


Looks for two hours fora waterbolt, creates 20 worlds, finished 19th world and goes on rage, gets hacked character, blows entire world up, stumbles across a dungeon, finds two mythical water bolts AT THE ENTRANCE, accidentally drops waterbolts into the deep chasm...

and dats mah luck
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Ever since I first beat the Moon Lord I've been trying to get the Star Wrath. I beat the Moon Lord for the first time a day or two after 1.3 came out.
I just got the Star Wrath yesterday.
ya know, my luck with actually finding wizards is low
I cant wait for console 1.3
the last prisim will be MINE
then i can see how much hp i can get from it with spectre healing armour


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I was searching for the goblin tinkerer and every time i found him he died. This happend 6 Times. But i finaly got him!


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I seem to have the worst luck with keeping rainy days away. Also with getting cellphone items from fishing quests.

I also have bad luck with avoiding traps early pre-hardmode


Fall into spider caves while digging, 5 spiders suddenly appear to reap their prize, I panic and begin spamming bow shots, miraculously threading the needles through each spider and missing each one. I run backwards into a pit, not just any pit, but my perfectly smooth-bore hellevator. No ledges to potentially die to fall damage on. I forget I had a grapple hook. I remembered. Just before I hit the ground, but die to fall damage while the hook was mid-air. Respawn. Unicorn rushes me down because the hallow spread to my spawn point. Die again. Night falls. Twins spawn. Kill Spaz, Retinaztor takes exception to that. I get cocky because of my almost victory and decide to place a torch, thinking I had succeeded, I kite Ret over my lava farming pit, neglecting to realize I had not placed a torch but in fact destroyed part of my platform bridge, I fall in, panic, grapple to the platform bridge, fall back in, health potion, Ret lasers me. Dead. 3 times before one day/night cycle had even passed.


I killed WOF about 25 time to get a warrior emblem. The first 3 times dropped me the assault rifle. Then he dropped me a sorcerer emblem 6 times consecutive! Then he dropped me breaker blades, ranger emblems, laser rifle,etc. I started thinking that it was a joke, or i was going mad. Took me hours of farming voodoo demons. The underworld sountrack keeps ringing in my head.

This happened to me too! I got like 10 ranger emblems, 6 sorceror emblems, then 12 hours of grinding later, i FINALLY get one only to realize i spent the avenger emblem on the WRONG ITEM. Luckily i got another after only 3 more WoF kills.


I try to challenge myself as much as possible. For example...I tried summoner in expert mode moon lord...and I had him down to 1 HP. And then he killed me.
You can imagine how angry I was.

DPh Kraken

I've gotten many fast clocks and three blessed apples, but I can't get the megaphone, even after 200+ pixie kills. Then the Destroyer randomly engages and kills all of my NPCs. Twice.



This was my very first Hardcore playthrough.

The game didn't like me all that much apparently.


Worst luck? either the time I got Ocram to 3 hitpoints and died, or the time I afked for 3 hours at Happydays money farm (I duplicated it) and then blew 70 platinum on getting a "Mythical Last Prism" when I figured out it was not possible
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