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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


i was challenged to start a hardcore character, when i loaded up my world, right next to me was a bottomless pit to nowhere, i jumped up a hill and a blue slime knocked me into the hole, not even 20 seconds into the game. at the bottom, there was 2 life crystals and a golden chest. i never got anything like that ever again.


Official Terrarian
When facing the Eye of Cthulhu, a boulder finished him before I died. Never gonna get luck like that EVER again.

General Milky

Worst luck I ever had? How about the time where I NEVER EVER GET LENSES NIGHT AFTER NIGHT COME ON.

Oh wait, that's every single character I start.

it's a 1/3 drop WHY DO I NEVER GET THEM


I remember being awful and summoning the Pirates during a solar eclipse while-list my friends were fighting golem on the surface (farming for picksaw) needless to say, they were not amused. The funny thing is after the Pirates were defeated, the night was a blood moon and Martian madness occurred.

Other than that, the worst time I've had farming for something is the rod of discord. I get the key molds just from random drops most of the time, and I don't even farm them because of this. However that rod of discord is so annoying to farm.


I was in an underground Snow Biome. I fell into thin ice and got juggled by a few flying enemies and then died of fall damage.


Official Terrarian
First Hardcore run through that I managed to get to hell, almost killed WoF, Got Killed by a rogue lava slime.
Second Unluckiest moment was when I spend all the platinum I had on the Terra Blade, only to accidentaly reforge it again once I got legendary. :'(
I was doing a Yoyo/Flail only run. All I need to say is at the beginning of the run, I was telling my friend who was on the server with me that I hope i didn't have a recap of the summoner incident (in which I said I'd freak if I got an enchanted sword, this was 1.2, and I got one by pure chance.), then this is how it turned out:
First black recluse dropped a poison staff without me trying, I also got 3 frost staffs, a slime staff, + an Uzi. Add in 2 Frozen, 1 jungle, and 1 Hallow key, 2-3 nimbus rods, every drop from the Maritan Saucer BUT the Cosmic Car Key. TWICE! On top of this, I got 3 falcon blades, two Paladin's Hammers IN A ROW. Now would be a good time to say we agreed we could use "other"-type melee weapons. We got 2 of every Goblin Summoner weapon BUT the Shadowflame Knives, 2 Daedalases, 2 Celebrations, the Lunar Portal, All the drops on our first Eclipse except we were missing a Moon Charm and The Eye of Cthulhu. Unholy Trident, 3 Demon Scythes,we had to fight Duke Fishron 10+ times to get the Flairons for both of us, and even then we only got one. All-in-all, the g,ame gave us every rare drop we couldn't use, and none of the ones we could.

On another note, incase you consider this lucky, I have a second story. So, I played Terraria since Catci hurt you and knocked you back, can't remember the version, but it was then. So, imagine your first impression of Terraria ever is: Walking miles, cutting down Cacti so you don't die, just to get WOOD, the most basic item in the game. Reason is that my SPAWN was a desert, so I was turned off of Terraria until 1.1 when my friend showed me it again.
Oh, and there was one time that the Nazar refused to show up for so long, I hit the "kill 3000 x" banner mark. Oh, and I also got a dungeon slime banner, as well as 3 cursed skull banners. What are my next to runs like? Both of my next two runs after, I get a Nazar within the first 5. Now, for the first time, I stayed in the dungeon grinding for a good ~6-8 hours.


Where is my bee mount? How many more times i need to kill the queen bee? 300? 400?
omg I got my bee mount like 4th try...
[DOUBLEPOST=1444994627,1444994230][/DOUBLEPOST]I saw heaps of people saying honeyed goggles are hard to get... I got it like 3rd or 4th try.


IIRC it's a 1/100 drop chance. You were really, really lucky.
It was a 1/100 drop in 1.2, but as of 1.3 it's a 1/20. It was one of a number of previously rare boss drops that got increased significantly in 1.3, along with The Axe, the Eater's Bone, the Slimy Saddle, and I think the Binoculars.

I once spent five hours farming Corruptors for Vitamins. No joke. It wasn't even due to a faulty farm setup or anything, in fact I didn't even bother to make a farm since I thought a 1% drop from a common enemy would be pretty quick. I have no idea how many Corruptors I killed that day, but the number must've been in the hundreds, maybe even thousands.

Luckily I haven't had anything else quite that agonizing happen to me, but there was that time I spent two or three hours farming for the Frozen Turtle Shell, and then, after I finally got one, I never got another one for another two years. And that wasn't because I took a break or anything, I spent those two years playing the game pretty regularly/obsessively and killed hundreds of Icy Tortoises, yet it wasn't until sometime last week that I finally got second one. Of course, I never needed more than that first one, but the fact that I even noticed it when I didn't want one should be a testament to how wonky the RNG was.
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