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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


Going by the amount of work, a lot of modders put into their content, I think it would be a shame not to showcase their work when one is able to.


I lost all of my worlds and I don't want to Build my epic base again so I can't show my base. Nice work everyone, as always :p!

Jon Smitten

1.3 base.png

I originally took this screenshot to show off the lava pools where I sacrifice my enemies to the dark lord Satan...

But since there's a topic for this. Here is the base I made in my original 1.3 playthrough. Practical and aesthetic enough, I think. :)

Upstairs is where I constructed my themed rooms to also house my NPCs, and some additional storage for equipment (weapons, armor, accessories). Further up is a dirt skybridge.
Downstairs is a hellevator, and a glowing mushroom and chlorophyte farm.

Darth Baller

Wow, so many sick bases here. I just started an expert mode play through now that 1.3.3 is out and here's what I have so far. It's not that good but I like it.
Capture 2016-09-22 17_23_21.png

I still have yet to beat any bosses but the Eye of Cthulhu, so my resources are limited. I plan to put boss trophies in the long hallway once I get some.



I actually have two but for now, I'll post up what I have at a Friend's server. I need to get better at screenshoot takes, derp. `:p

So I took a better picture and deleted the other This is my full base. Some of it was done in Tedit, and other parts like the Main House/ Hall was done in the game. My builds take time and I know there is a lot of open space I will probably update as I work on it.
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Dungeon Spirit
This is my base Well the upper part of it There is a lot more going on under ground and off to the side. I also have little inns and hutches around the map. I would really love to know how you guys get such amazing screenshots It would be nice to give you a picture of the whole thing.
You could have just used the camera tool instead of throwing together screenshots


For 1.3, I finally decided to take on my first large-scale construction project (well, large-scale for me, anyway). I decided I wanted a stylish base for all my NPCs, plus room for everything you need to craft and all my loot. After quite some time, I made this:

Capture 2016-11-20 22_41_46.png

It was originally on top of a large hill, but then I cut out the hill below it and put in clouds. I still need to decorate a lot of the rooms, and I actually need to remodel a little to add an extra couple of rooms (As of 1.3.4, I have enough room for all the permanent NPCs, but no more - can't even fit Santa in anymore), probably by making the first floor rooms a little smaller.

I'm quite happy with it.
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