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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

The Dryad

Eye of Cthulhu
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I originally took this screenshot to show off the lava pools where I sacrifice my enemies to the dark lord Satan...

But since there's a topic for this. Here is the base I made in my original 1.3 playthrough. Practical and aesthetic enough, I think. :)

Upstairs is where I constructed my themed rooms to also house my NPCs, and some additional storage for equipment (weapons, armor, accessories). Further up is a dirt skybridge.
Downstairs is a hellevator, and a glowing mushroom and chlorophyte farm.
You sacrifice enemies to Satan!
So after a long absence and a lot of learning by trial and error, I have managed a new build. The old one ended up with a corrupted file and I deleted it. With this fresh start I thought I would post my amazing base again. This one has a more updated build. Yes some things I did in Tedit because it allowed me to do the curves and stuff I wanted to with the mushroom house that I would have found cumbersome in the game. The more I practice the better I get with it. I have also found a few tricks as well. I look at a lot of builds to get ideas. You will see where the inspiration comes from.


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Eye of Cthulhu

I think it's pretty nice and a bit epic
(Well of course it is, Ningishu built it and I just rebuilt it in my "mage world")​
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Here's my 1.3 Martian-castle base. I had to take the screenshot in two parts since it didn't fit on my screen:
Capture 2017-07-01 22_47_30.png

Capture 2017-07-01 22_47_01.png

It overlaps slightly between the two images (mostly the third level, but some of the fourth as well).


that looks pretty nice for a square house.

also, is that a modded bow i see?
Since I'm playing (right now) with mods enabled, I just ported this world into the ModLoader worlds to take the screenshots. For some reason, it must have changed that weapon to a modded one when I ported the world in.


Capture 2017-07-28 13_02_42.png

Here's my mess of a base for my current summoner playthrough. I plan on moving all of my chests into their own room to reduce clutter. I'll have to expand it later to make room for other npcs. I tried to go for something different from my usual "painted boxes".


This base was built by hand, as it's built out of blocks from the Thorium Mod. It's themed around the Aquatic Depths, and is the home of my new mermaid character!
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