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PC Project MOD☆EATER: the thread


Duke Fishron
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Welcome to the official thread for MOD☆EATER, The Terraria mod review series, ongoing meta-narrative, and general madness vortex.

Today is my birthday, and to celebrate, Mod Eater has officially launched episode zero! check it out here!



Duke Fishron
As part of the broader Mod Eater project, I've been working on redesigning the NPC's. Some of these drawings are a little old at this point (I started doing the NPC's in January), but the process of both redesigning and writing new personalities has been a really fun one.
I figure I should probably post them here, just to help consolidate things.
guide 2.PNG

arms dealer color.PNG


merchant color.PNG




Duke Fishron
I hope these are all entertaining. I don't know how strong a role the NPc's will properly play in Mod Eater, but they're an important part of Terraria, so I know I'll need them eventually, and designing them has been a lot of fun.

Goblin tinkerer.PNG



party girl color.PNG

Travelling merchant.PNG
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