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PC Rabbit perch into "Cat perch"


Official Terrarian
Hello everyone.
I love the new rabbit perch item, but I prefer cats anyway. Is there anyone who can made a texture pack changing rabbit on rabbit perch into witch's cat from goodie bags? (from unlucky yarn)
Or maybe someone will teach me how I can do it myself?
Please help me, bros.


Dungeon Spirit
You can do it very simply however you will have to do a fair amount of self design. 'Simply' find the texture for said clothing, convert it to a image file, open it in a image editing software that has transparent background's (i use gimp as MS paint would make the transparent layer white and therefore not work) I'd recommend putting a box 1pixel out from all farthest edges repaint the bunny into the cat, however each change seen in game is it's own image within that file.
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