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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

Changing Flask Σ

Duke Fishron
"*Well, basically, I've already told you how I'm the mask, well, the person is... I guess they could be considered my creator.*"

"But what do we do now?"

Agent Sandstorm Σ

"The nearest city was destroyed to contain an infection. Before that, it lifted into the sky. The other two cities either got destroyed by a space station crashing, or are completely lawless."

Changing Flask Σ

Duke Fishron
"*Well, they were dying, and wanted to still continue their research on runes beyond their time, particularly the idea of making their own runes.*"

"So where's the nearest place that won't have the people immediately try to shoot us?"


Official Terrarian
Esther is still sitting away from the warehouse, staring at the sky.

All of my other characters are where they were last.
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