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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Eater of Worlds
Lukas then injects Ertwin with the implant.
"*Once I activate it, none of us can discuss the implant in front of Ertwin, or we risk exposing our plan. Now, can one of you pass me the void sample?*"


Eater of Worlds
"*Alright, the cover story for what we've been doing is that we went to Streyll's lab to get a cure, and Ertwin ending up with the different version was an accident. So, Ertwin, good luck.*"
Lukas activates the implant, then pours the sample on Ertwin and waits for him to be fully infected.


Eater of Worlds
The modified version is like the normal version, except it has reduced mental effects, faster progression to later stages, and causes mild headaches and increased heart rate, with the headache and faster heart rate increasing as the infection progresses to later stages. More of Ertwin's body would be blue than a normal infected as well.
(@Chir' )"*Ertwin, are you alright?*"
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The Stitch looks at the poster.

@Dragonwitch. “Oh :red:.”
Pandora plants more seeds into the ground, turning the surroundings into a combination of corruption and crimson.
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