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Wall of Flesh
The ship seems to drop some kind of object out of its underside that soon after falls apart into very small pieces (Essentially a swarm of drones), which would then all start moving towards the other ships, particularly towards their particularly vulnerable areas. If they reach the ships they'd latch onto the hull of whichever one they're on and start making their way through it, going for any components that may be vital to the ship's systems. (Which they would either use to take over control of the system in question, or just :red: it up.) Some of them however go for the missiles, which would either turn towards the enemy ships or just detonate. (Different results per missile affected.)
The ship would seem to teleport forward about 100 metres. (Not actual teleportation though in this case, just FTL. (Yes, this :red:er actually used FTL for just 100 metres.))
(Also, have the combat theme for my character in the fight.)

"Normally I'd say you do, but it's already been paid, and the one who tried to kill you is currently trying to shoot my ship."

"Worst part is that we also know someone who'd do it."
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Eater of Worlds
Well, the non-avali ship is pretty much screwed, as it has no shields, and its point-defense weapons aren't powerful to stop all of the drones. Once the drones reach the suip they could likely make it to the device which makes the portals, and from there they could cause the ship to implode.
As for Renati's ship, it would be mostly fine, as it's shields would likely end up damaging the drones enough for them to not be able to do much but explode once they get past them. But there is a chance they may break a few windows if they do manage to explode past the shields.

"...I see. Should I be concerned about that?"


Wall of Flesh
The drones would in fact implode the non-avali ship, but they wouldn't even get to damaging the windows on Renati's as they weren't exactly built to endure.
The ship would then fire a gravity based repulsion beam at Renati's ship with about as much gravity as one would experience on the surface of a neutron star.

"It'll be fine. I have plenty of experience with ship combat."

"It's fine. You couldn't have known."


Wall of Flesh
<<So, are you going to keep trying, or do you want to keep your life? And if you're the type who won't stay dead, you'll lose your ship as well.>>

"I don't usually have others on this ship, but I'll open this for you."
A door would then open to what looks like a mix of dining room and living room.
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