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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Wall of Flesh
*Their arm gets hit and they yell*
“What the hell’s wrong with you?!”
"Probably a lot considering who I work for."
The rest of the guards in the room also aim their weapons at the intruder.

Rook heads back into the shop and puts his gun away.

Raieel would look outside to see if if is dark yet.
Rune walks up to Rook.
"What did the person do to make you react like that?"

(Anyone got objections to it being dark?)


Wall of Flesh
(They do have one that's basically on an entirely separate internet, if that makes sense. (So basically impossible to connect to apart from using their own tech.) They do however also have a site on this world's equivalent of the dark web for outsiders to be able to contact them for jobs and such, and while it could potentially be hacked there's not much to be found there.)
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