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OOC Random Journey in the Universe (OOC)


The Destroyer
I might get rid of either Swappy or Lan, or both. I haven't been able to do much with them right now, and I've hit a bump on anything they can do in the future. So yeah, I'm dropping Swappy and Lan, and keeping JPEG and Sammy.


The Destroyer
Here's the two new peeps I came up with (Had in storage for months wondering what the heck to do with them)
Name: Teokedi, but goes by Teo.

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance (Pictures or Description): Dark Purple hoodie with a light pink mask on (yes, I got some ideas from Jake.exe), but she only has it on when in battle, or it’s raining, or snowstorm or something. Cam’s Twin sister.

Species: Human

Personality: Protective of Cam, and likes him, but won’t admit it either.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: Mask

Abilities: Has tendrils that go out of her back, they can lift things, but nothing heavy, like a human.

Quirks: Cam’s silent, but Teo usually speaks for him a lot.

Flaws: Trusts people, even ones that could turn on her, and her and Cam sometimes disagree.

Theme: Idle: Uwa! So Temperate! By Toby Fox, Battle: Metal Crusher by Toby Fox

Her Text Color is This

Name: Camoredi, but goes by Cam.

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance (Pictures or Description): Black headphones with a dark hooded jacket, black pants, and a white shirt. Always keeps his hood on. Teo’s Twin sister.

Species: Human

Personality: Silent, and doesn’t speak much. Likes people that like music. Also likes Teo, but won’t admit it.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: Headphones

Abilities: Can float around 4-5 inches off the ground, and can levitate things.

Quirks: When he does talk, it’s usually something funny. He’s also pretty smart.

Flaws: Always wears his headphones, so he doesn’t really listen to people. He’s also a shy bean, so he doesn’t really make friends much.

Theme: Idle: princess peach by Shaun Wasabi, Battle: Chill by Toby Fox.

His Text Color is This


Official Terrarian
So I was bored once again and did this...
(note: I'm doing all of my OCs at once because I don't want to make another post)
-Foxen Valence
-Siblings: Wolf Valence, Cathrin Valence (Deceased(?)), Yvonne Darkstar​
-Esther Goldenrose
-Siblings: Meghan Goldenrose, Jake Goldenrose, Raphael Goldenrose, Savannah Shadowsea​
-Tiger Flamefield
-Siblings: Nari Flamefield​
-Danila Curtainflame
-Siblings: Luca Curtainflame​
-Sam Candice
-Siblings: Shana Candice​
-Raven Blackfrost
-Siblings: Ariah Blackfrost, Yvette Blackfrost​


Official Terrarian
That's why I use themes and Gachaverse for naming characters, I would take a long time trying to figure out a good name by myself

Agent Sandstorm Σ

I'd like to take a moment to share the usernames of all my OCs (that are here)
Austin - FrostFox05
Marcus - Agent Sandstorm Σ
Wilson - The Freelancer
Price - TheFakeSlimShady
Ford - CommunistWolf
Wire - WireTapper
Jarvis - MotorRoller
Toxin - TherapeuticPoison
Ghost - TentPitcher777
Gamma - UnknownSubmarine
Jeff - FalinksFan19
Munroe - SirCheezburgerss


The Destroyer
OC full names because okay I'm really bored:
Landerei Ekodoni (Lan)
Alexandria Fredrikson (Swappy, and no I'm not kidding that's her real name)
Sammy Thomas (Sammy)
James Millers (JPEG)
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