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Share your RNG luck here!


I've gotten a Slime Staff within 2 minutes of making a slime farm on my Summoner play-through. Felt good to actually being able to attack things after not being able to for about an hour.


First Paladin I kill one morning dropped a Paladin's Hammer and the first Paladin's Shield I ever got had the Warding prefix.


First day on 1.2, solar eclipse on the 2nd sunrise. 4 broken hero swords and a Death Sickle. Needless to say, I switched to my hallowed melee gear nigh instantly.


I'd have to say that my RNG luck is pretty good (albeit annoying);
Farmed crimson for key, that took about 3 days of 3 - 4 hour sessions. About 2 days after I get the key and the vampire knives molds are introduced, so going out to check all the new stuff I pass the crimson and on my first kill the mold drops.
A similar scenario would be when I crafted my beautiful Terra blade after days of trying to get hero swords and solar eclipse events. After crafting i ended up getting 3 more hero blades despite struggling to get even one most of the time.
So me being me i decided to craft more Terra blades and make more keys and just give them to my friends who were having a hard time getting them.


A lucky day one.
first i spawn on one of thoose lifted up pieces of land, wich is great for building (to me at least).
under the lifted bit is 3 wooden chests. one spear, a boomerang and another boomerang.
i then find a close to surface cabin with aglet and claws.
the hole where the cabin was became my mine, where i quickly find a magic mirror.
lots of ore, giving me a good helm, greaves and weapons.

end of day one.
3rd kill of Plantera, I got 'The Axe' :happy:

EDIT: Been playing Mobile Version and my first giant worm kill I got the apple :) Not 100% sure if its rare or not but I'm happy!
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Dungeon Spirit
During my Moon runs, I obtained a Candy Corn Rifle and Elf Melter, both of which were unreal. Which makes me chuckle because this was on my Summoner, not my ranger.

(not) Crono

Skeletron Prime
First ice tortoise kill gave me a frozen turtle shell. And I even said to myself before I killed it, "What if this one turtle gave me a frozen turtle shell? That'd be awesome".

EDIT: Believe it or not, but the third pirate captain kill gave me a coin gun. No joke

The Flaming Crown

Skeletron Prime
So, I'm trying to get a shadowbeam staff on Mobile

I farm for about 30 minutes, I get a Damaged Shadowbeam staff. I go to the Goblin Tinkerer, won't reforge;(:dryadcry::merchantcry::nursecrying:;(.

2 hours later, Godly Shadowbeam staff:passionate::dryadpassionate::merchantpassionate::nursepassionate::passionate:.

My brother logs on, goes in to the dungeon, Shadowbeam Staff on first Kill!?!?:mad::dryadmad::merchantmad::nursemad::mad:


uuuum...I bought the game, created my char, my world, I enter to the world and the starting sword was legendary...yeah a legendary copper sword...slimes didn't have a chance, it took a while for me to realize what "legendary" means...I think I still have it, because when I look at it is like: awww!

PS: almos forgot, first wall of flesh, legendary pwnhammer, demon altars didn't have a chance...I had my revenge after almost being killed by one
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On my current play through, my first day in hardmode spawned in a Pirate Invasion, after countless deaths and being spawncamped inside of my own house, I found a lucky Cutlass from a captain, and then I proceeded to slaughter the rest of the invasion and I got a Discount Card and a Lucky Coin before it ended.


RNG treats me like I killed it's pet dog, spat on it's grave, and suddenly bought him a bag of dog food the next day.

So yeah, I needed help to get most of my items from people luckier than me.


Duke Fishron
I have like 2 frozen key molds just by playing through the game, no farm or anything. On that particular playthough i havent even beat a mech yet :p just got 2 molds by wandering around in the underground ice biome


Ice Queen
ok, so im in 1.1,(version changers FTW) and i have shadow armor, so i go to the jungle. die.(mediumcore) i get my iron gear, and boom. blood moon. i survive that. RIGHT after the blood moon:

a goblin army is approaching from the west!

so i run off to the jungle,(to my right, or east) and get to my stuff. there's an army of mobs. i hide in a little tunnel, shooting at them. when it seems clear, i go for my stuff.


a ton of mobs were just offscreen. i grabbed my stuff and tried to jump down a hole to safety, but the stupid plant had to deal constant upward knockback to me, so no falling. i died. and my spawn was not in my house, about one screen to the left. so i got killed constantly by goblins as i spawned. raged. deleted the world. haven't played terraria since.(waiting for 1.3 to start again, i need a break.)
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