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[Sprites] Boss statues


Duke Fishron
1.2 added trophies, but they didnt really represent the bosses.
Im suggesting that you can combine 100 stone and a boss trophy on a heavy workbench to create one of the statues below.

You can also write on them, like signs.


Now, heres some sprites you can feast your eyes upon!

King slime statue.png

King Slime


Eye Of Cthulhu


Eater Of Worlds

Brain of cthulhu statue.png

Brain Of Cthulhu

Queen bee statue.png

Queen Bee

Skeletron statue.png


WALL statue.png

Wall of Flesh

The rest is coming soon, so feel free to give some feedback!
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I don't like trophies that much , having these would be great and them being bigger than normal statues makes it better and more room for detail when They're placed.


I don't suppose giant statues are out of the question? I don't mind seeing these in 5x5 size, or god forbid, 9x9. Be a bloody huge room for them. And Terraria do need some giant statues.


Bosses need statues... thats all i really need to say.

EOC statue (Because i cant spell ctuhluhrulol right)View attachment 10825
tiles: 3x3
obtaining: sold by the witch doctor after defeating EOC

EOW statueView attachment 10824
:tiles 3x3 (You get the idea)
obtaining: (I SAID YOU GET THE IDEA!)

Skeletron statueView attachment 10823

thats it for now! more statues comin soon!
1: Cthulhu is spelled C-t-h-l-u-h-u
2: YES! I support, as long as they don't spawn the bosses :happy:

Thee Pie Man

Official Terrarian
Would love this and highly support this idea- especially if they spawned the bosses- or not; I don't mind either way honestly xD all the bosses are fairly weak in comparison to how strong you can get in the game. In any case any size stature that's slightly bigger even than 3x3 would be great too! I would love to feature these in my castle that I'm creating, I hope these are in a future update! :D


I like this idea, and it would be cool if they were functional, but only if you could spawn the boss using the spawn item.


This is an interesting suggestion, you've got here.

One suggestion would be to make the functional, BUT either:
a. summons a "phantasm" or "eikon" version of said Boss (i.e. has the look and A.I. of the Boss but lacks the ability to cause damage)


b. summons a weaker version of each Boss (say 1/10th HP and can only inflict 1/10th damage) with no boss loot.

Either (or both) of these would be useful for adventure maps. I'm always on the lookout for things that could help map makers.
It also, opens up the possibility of a new Boss that can only be summoned from a statue...

Regardless of that, I agree with several of the other posters that the statues should be bigger. Imposing really. They should be a focal point.
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