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  1. D͎e͎r͎f͎

    D͎e͎r͎f͎ Terrarian

    so when will the europe servers be out
  2. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Official Terrarian

    Yay, Thanks.
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  3. GodHimself

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    @darthmorf I meant making my OWN server, by myself. it would be hard, But I will not do it today/
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    CAFÉ NA LIVE Terrarian

    my launcher doesn't go to the right , i think the update button is there but there is no rolling bar thing upload_2019-2-3_19-29-58.png

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  5. DavrK

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    I keep getting this error. What should i do?
  6. Mothra665

    Mothra665 Terrarian

    Yeah I'm getting the same one. At first I thought it was because the servers were down, and it said they were offline, but now it says they're back on and it's still happening.
  7. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Official Terrarian

    Wait, that's Super Terraria World launcher?
    Damn, that launcher looks so cool!
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  8. BallisticBanana

    BallisticBanana Terrarian

    My "play" button is gray in color and won't let me select it.
  9. helperni

    helperni Terrarian

    My monitor only supports up to 1024x768, because of which i can't even see the PLAY button. Is there any way to overcome that?
  10. Futatsuki

    Futatsuki Golem

    So I kinda f'd up and typed my steampassword wrong too many times. That was two days ago. And today it still says "There have been too many login failures from your network in a short time period. Please wait and try again later." What can I do?
  11. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    Open Beta Update #1 - February 4th, 2019

    Hey guys, we can’t thank you all enough for your amazing support throughout these first few days! We know it’s been a bit of a rough start, but your commitment to playing (even through insufferable conditions) is incredible. So far we’ve had over 1800 players created - nearly 30 times more than our previous high - rack up over 90 days of play time.

    We thank you once again for being incredibly patient with us as we sort out these latency issues. Over the past two days we’ve made several improvements to our packet architecture, and identified several more improvements we’ll be rolling out over the next week. Starting with a new update available now to download via the launcher.

    Unfortunately because of these issues, we will be conducting a reset in the near future after we stabilize the servers. We understand the frustration that come with frequent resets, but we hope that the improved experience will more than make up for it. We will let you know when the reset will take place at the earliest opportunity.

    Thank you for all your support and excitement,

    The Super Terraria World Team
  12. KingXaldin

    KingXaldin Terrarian

    The admins of this Server can go :red: themselves... Seriously I simply speak my Mind and therefore I'm uncivilized... And thats a reason to ban me.... Ya :red: you and your Game.
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    BARACK 0BAMA Terrarian

    After I left the ship and began to mine copper, my pickaxe broke. At first, I didn’t understand what needed to be done and by mistake I threw it out. I took a new one in the ship and from now on I could not break the pickaxe to continue completing quests. Just stuck in place
    (I apologize for the translation, if that)
  14. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    This post does not give me confidence that you "spoke your mind" in any reasonable manner and if you talked like this on my server I probably would have at least given you a warning.
  15. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    The same way you uninstall any other program, from your start menu or control panel :)

    The servers have been pretty unstable atm, most of the time if you persist through these screens you should get in eventually. Feel free to hop into discord if you want some more personal/detailed support - TCF really isn't a good platform for it. (

    EU servers will happen as an when we can afford them from our Patreon donations and there is enough time and demand to implement them; there's no real timeframe on it at the moment.

    I've just finished writing a fix for this, an update will be out soon causing the launcher to be resized with a scrollbar on small resolutions!

    • If you do not have Terraria installed to the standard path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria) ensure that the Launcher has the correct path input in the 'Terraria Game Files' section of the settings
    • If you do not use the standard Terraria saves path (C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Terraria) ensure that the Launcher has the correct path input in the 'Terraria Save Files' section of the settings
    If that does not work, please join our discord server ( and share:
    • A screenshot of your settings page in the launcher
    • A screenshot of your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria folder (or equivalent)
    • A screenshot of your C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Terraria folder (or equivalent)

    That's an issue with Steam not STW I'm afraid we cannot help you.
  16. Aurora3500

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    It is unacceptable to call out other members and tell them to "go :red: themselves".

    Whatever happened in the Discord server needs to stay on the Discord server and not be brought here. On these Forums, we require members to treat each other with mutual respect at all times, regardless of who may've started a conflict. If you cannot get along with certain members, you are best off using the "ignore" function so that you do not see the content of these members.
  17. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    You can reset you character via the hero menu.
  18. KingXaldin

    KingXaldin Terrarian

    The "Ignore" Function can only be used if one is still in the chat. Also I only came on here because I couldn't reply on Discord.... Look... I got mad cause some kid butted into a conversation between an Admin and I and told me to Shut my Mouth. (The Kid did this not the Admin) And apparently telling Kid to shut his mouth is "Uncivil" after he said the same to me.... So then I was removed... I don't see how that was Uncivil. So yes... I came on here and said he can "go :red: themselves". Not like I could say anything else anywhere else...

    CAFÉ NA LIVE Terrarian

    thanks for the update, solved my problem
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  20. Aurora3500

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    I was referring to the ignore function on these Forums.

    These Forums are still not an appropriate place to take issues that happened on Discord either. We don't know the full details of what happened on the Discord Server, and it isn't something we can help with since we (the Forum Staff) can only control and deal with what happens on these Forums. The best way to try and get a potential resolution is to appeal politely to the Server Staff of the Discord you were on. If it's through a Discord DM or PM here if the Server Staff members have accounts here. The Forum rules still take effect in Private Messages on this site. I can't say if they will accept an appeal or not, but venting about it on a public thread and throwing public accusations won't be acceptable here and may result in account action. It is better to appeal to a Server Admin privately than to make public accusations.

    If you have more concerns about this, you can send me a PM and we can talk about it more there. This topic is to be dropped on this Thread and not discussed further here.