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T:OW Soundtrack is a nice addition, but...


There's a few small problems with it.

There are "missing themes" from T:OW's soundtrack and this can be problematic at times.

For example, T:OW's soundtrack does not have a Town Theme (it will continue to play the normal biome/time of day theme regardless if you are in a town or not). So you have no way of knowing whether or not you put the buildings too far apart, and whether or not the area is considered to be part of a "Town", so you don't know how far the Town's boundary stretches without the music to give you the cues.

So, as a suggestion: Whenever a situation comes up (like the Town Theme) that no T:OW track exists for, instead of playing the next closest thing from T:OW, how about playing the 1.4 track? Or maybe make this a toggle mode: 1.4 -> T:OW -> Mix where the Mix will play the 1.4 track if no OW track exists for that situation.
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