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Tell me your luckiest / unluckiest drops in your worlds.


Duke Fishron
I got the coin gun, gold ring and lucky coin early in hardmode, but I can't get the freaking discount card. I'm walking around with a COIN RING. Who does that?!? Usually you get the card and the ring first. Plus, it took me 50+ tries to get the fishron wings and I FINALLY got them today. What are your stories about your drops?


Way back in 1.2 in 2014 - when I was still a very new and inexperienced player - I got the Crimson Mold immediately after Hardmode began. To make space for my inventory, I put the item in my trash slot for some reason, then my game crashed. Character files do not save the item you have in you trash slot, so I lost the Crimson Mold.

More recently in 1.3 in 2019, while transiting from the surface to hell, I obtained a Rod of Discord. This was especially surprising because Hardmode had just began, and I was only attempting to casually mine. Usually it'd take me a few hours to get the Rod of Discord while actually farming for it.

Also during 2019, I got all 3 cellphone accessories from the Angler from the initial three quests. Sometimes, I'd get so unlucky, it would take many real-life days (sometimes weeks) just to get all 3 of them. On one occasion, I even got 10+ Sextants and 5+ Weather Radios but not a single Fisherman's Pocket Guide.
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I have had so much bad luck with drops I don't even know where to begin. Probably garbage with the angler not giving me the accessories I need after like 50 attempts. At least with other stuff I can grind it until it drops and not be locked behind time windows.


Official Terrarian
my friends and I got 3 whoopee cushions early on in our for the worthy master mode world

I also managed to get a tactical shotgun and an uzi. Sadly I've never had a rod of discord.


When I was new in Terraria I thought I was super lucky when I got the Giant Harpy Feather. Then I thought I was even more lucky when I kept getting it. Now I realize that it's not all that rare.


Duke Fishron
my friends and I got 3 whoopee cushions early on in our for the worthy master mode world

I also managed to get a tactical shotgun and an uzi. Sadly I've never had a rod of discord.
I just got one accidentally yesterday. It was the third one I've ever had.


i mean my worst luck was with the Rod of discord as i had to make some elaborate AFK farm and wait THREE HOURS for it.


Eater of Worlds
I found a Lava Charm pre-worm
but in return, while playing Emode the world refuse to give me a ice skate until I blowed my ice biome to ashes(almost) with my boom shuriken and finally found one in the last chest on the edge of my ice biome
I kill eol first try, what did I get: starlight BUT IM RANGED CLASS

at least it was unreal tho


I remember deciding to build a fancy-ish tower to block the spread of the crimson in one of my worlds one time. There was a small hole on the crimson side and while I was building two herplings got stuck in there. They remained there until I was done, I decided to put them out of their misery before returning home and when I killed them one dropped the crimson key and the other the meat grinder lol.


I've killed probably around 30 pink jellyfish and didn't get a life jelly. It's supposed to have a 20% drop rate.
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