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PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)


Residence - half & half design. First two floors are accessible and usable, third and fourth (attic) floors are purely decorative (3 valid "houses" in total):

13.95 Residence Half.png

Night view:

13.96 Residence Half Night.png

UP&DA example below:

13.97 Residence Half RAW.png


Version 1.13 of the building world is now uploaded, you can download it from the first/main page of this thread OR from the steam workshop:

This will be the last upload for my 1.4.3 world, there will be a brand NEW building world for the 1.4.4 version with many new and improved constructions AND all of the old builds will be transferred there as well (thanks to the amazing TEdit 😎 ). Happy building and exploring 🧗‍♂️

Logo 1.13 Frame.jpg
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