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Terraria 1.0 close after pick character


I do not recommend using your 1.4 characters or worlds. There was, for example, a notice that 1.4 will bring changes to your data. And over the years, the saved data has changed a lot, that makes it incompactable for older versions.

You should start completely fresh for this to work.
The "MyGames/Terraria" folder may need to be removed entirely.
So Back-up your current characters and worlds data in the folder before you're removing it.
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[QUOTE = "ppowersteef, post: 2271864, członek: 189"]
Nie polecam używania twoich postaci lub światów 1.4. Było na przykład powiadomienie, że 1.4 wprowadzi zmiany w twoich danych. Z biegiem lat zapisane dane bardzo się zmieniły, co sprawia, że są niekompatybilne dla starszych wersji.

Aby to zadziałało, należy zacząć od nowa.
Może być konieczne całkowite usunięcie folderu „MyGames / Terraria”.
Dlatego zrób kopię zapasową aktualnych postaci i danych światów w folderze, zanim go usuniesz.
[/ ZACYTOWAĆ]but im use new player and when im pick him game crash


Either it fails to load the character, or it fails loading an available world.
Perhaps it may also be another cause I'm not aware off.

Since 1.0 is not officially supported, I'm afraid I can't help you further with it.


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How did you obtain a 1.1 version? There isn't an official way to obtain it and because of this it's not currently supported.
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