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Whats New In this Version:
-Changed Textures On Terraria 1.4 Tiles to have the Terraria 1.2 textures.

-Changed the backgrounds to the 1.2 backgrounds and changed the Sun.

-Changed the Textures of the Platinum coin.

-Changed the Ore textures as well as the classic heart and mana.

Plans for the next update:

*Change the wall textures to have the textures from 1.2
*Change the Furniture textures
*Change the NPC sprites (POSSIBLY....)
*Change the UI if able....

If anyone opens the Texture Pack folder and notices that there are lots of files but not all of them are changed...that is since in the next update i will be working on those to change them.

Note: ...i had trouble making up a good name . . . heh. . .

Version 1: Terraria1.2


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I loved playing terraria 1.2 on mobile it basicually introdused me to the whole game.
Really hope you retexture hellforge somehow
I am gonna be working on the Pack each week...I am going to try to release a new update everyweek. Each Week i will work on about 100 textures, basically changing 100 tiles/walls. each week...
Also.....When the tile as well as the wall textures are complete. I will work on seeing if any furniture needs to be changed....Then I will Change the tree textures if im able to......
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Recently I have restored the textures of most potions, (including buff and healing, but excluding food and flasks) to that from 1.2.4.
I can show you them if you want.
Looks neat, can't wait for full release! I have some title ideas if you don't mind: :D
Golden Age
Good ol' Days
Happy Days
Not to steal your thunder or anything but I am working on a similar project. This uses the OG PC 1.2 sprites and assets and are being hand remade for 1.4.

Thanks for still being awesome for providing some nostalgia for us and let me know if you want to help on it.

(Your thread UI looks so much better than mine lol).

The reason why I wanted to make my own is that I wanted to give a kick at it and I like fixing things the way I do. It gives you and I pride to make our own texture packs :)
Can you do vice-versa? Well... I'm playing the 1.2 mobile because my tablet is unsupported. I have root too... so i can install texture pack. Please i really wants this
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