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Terraria 1.3.5 Launches on Nintendo Switch Today!


Since the update, my game constantly freezes when there is no background walls in underground or underworld.
Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Unit One

Staff member
Also, this is either a bug or an intentional nerf, but I guess we can't summon a lunar portal and a rainbow crystal at the same time anymore, for some reason, this, along with many other nerfs and buffs and other things, weren't in the mini changelog. Will you give us a full changelog of EVERYTHING?
Hi there @First Boss, it was included in the first post.

Summoner Changes
  • The way Sentry Summons function has been changed somewhat.
    • Outside of the DD2 Invasion event, you now have a limit of one sentry summon at a time
    • Some of the 1.3.4 content can increase this limit
    • Unlike before, when the sentry limit is above 1, you can summon multiple versions of the same sentry. For instance, with a sentry limit of 3, you could summon 3 Frost Hydras at the same time.
  • Summoners can now direct their minions to attack a specific target of their choosing. However, if the minions do not have line of sight, they will continue to attack targets at random.


aww man local wireless doesn't work. I've been using the original release to be able to play local wireless. I understand split-screen not working but local-wireless was good to go from day 1.


Hey there!

I've been waiting for this update for a while now for the UI size slider! I would love to be able to sit back on the couch, put my feet up, and enjoy a casual game of Terraria from the comfort of my living room if it weren't for the wayyy too small interface.

Imagine my surprise to find that the slider only goes up to 105%!

I was hoping this is something that you could take a look at. Being able to go up to 125% would be huge, but 105% isn't as helpful as I'd hoped.
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Night The Knight

Official Terrarian
I tried updating my game and it said it up to date and when I go into the game it still says its on version 1.0.1096.2 is this right?


Are magic mirrors, suppose to disappear when you open your inventory while using them? I accidentally opened my inventory while using one and it disappeared.


I dont understand how the diamond shape aiming is still in the game after multiple patches? I even submitted a bug report. It makes playing a ranged character way harder than it needs to be. I have not had this issue on any other platform. Please make it back to circle aiming so we can actually shoot where we are aiming.

Lord Laret

Oh just as I was asking! My version is saying 1.0.6? Is that 1.3.5 or will that be changed? I live in the UK so....?
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