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Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

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i think most modders would be happy to make versions for all platforms if it means over 50% of the communtiy gets to expersince what they want in the game for themselves but i dont think you would be able to get mods onto mobile because for mobile "mods" mean a different thing - hacks like infinte money so they might see tmodloader like that


Is there any chance we could see keyboard/mouse support on the switch version in the future? The switch supports keyboard/mouse, and it’s already implemented in Fortnite as well as the upcoming port of Hypnospace Outlaw, but I’m obviously not sure how difficult it would be to implement in the terraria switch codebase.


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Nah, It just means developers can spawn in any item they want. We'll see if they can add support for seeds on mobile/console. It's not a sure thing.

I do not play on a debug version. I am, however, playing on a 05162020 seeded world. ;)

(which astute observers would have noticed in earlier spoilers as well.... like, say, the pylon quick peek video)



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They didn’t say no split screen for or switch, they are saying that they are trying to make it work best for switch, and they are not releasing it until it performs at least well, but that mask and school part is for your safety and protecting others from getting the virus, (and you too) plus it’s not the end of the world


No offense, but most people play console so they can use controllers in the first place.
No offense taken as another party interested in kbm support on consoles, but this argument loses a lot of weight when you consider that PC Terraria has near identical controller support. It’s an accessibility issue, not simply a matter of most players. It’s also worth noting that Fortnite has built in kbm support on Switch, while Minecraft has unofficial kbm support on Switch by merit of it literally using the PC build as it’s core, and I know a number of Xbox One games that’re ports of PC games offer kbm support as well.


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...... не могли бы вы добавить поддержку мыши на мобильном телефоне, пожалуйста? Я только что купил один, и он не работает ... Я просто хочу поиграть с мышью, чтобы у меня было лучшее управление на ПК ... если вы не добавите его, ну, я думаю, я просто продолжать использовать клавиатуру и сенсорное управление, не то чтобы это конец света, но я хотел бы получить поддержку мыши.
you can play with mouse and keyboard using the program octopus


i hope we get the next SotG soon... and hopefully we'll have some good news.

this year and the people in this world are seriously making it hard to give a damn about anything.

I’m not a boomer, in fact look at my age it says I’m 14..... really though I hate how people just judge others by their actions...

that kid's response to you is one example of behavior that seriously makes me question humanity.

so much for common sense and self preservation.
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