Terraria State of the Game - June 2022

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possibly also a version of that liquid in a bottle, since water and honey in a bottle exist;
This makes me think that bottled lava might make a good/interesting weapon, provided you're fighing on grates. Just chaotic enough to make it fun.
Oil: would be kind of logical/expected as it is a liquid that can be found when digging. On the other hand, not sure what use it would have in-game. If it did evaporate into flames when hit by fire projectiles, lava, or a lit torch, it could make devious traps. An alternative take on the same idea would be tar.
I'd thought sometihing similar, as it could give the Oiled debuff, like with the Explosive Trap sentries.
  • Toxic goo. The classical glowy green stuff that you know is bad for you. Could haver a whole toxic biome or minibiome based upon it.
This is what I've always wanted since playing on PS3, something that causes poisoned/venom debuffs.
flowing against gravity
This would be a really interesting mechanic. Also, given how cold helium needs to be to remain a liquid, it could inflict frostburn, and0mMaybe even evapourate if it's not in the snow biome (the more I type the less likely this seems).

Whatever the new liquid is, would it need to alter the recipe for the Terraspark Boots, as there's a liquid navigation component to them?
i imagine capcom still hasn't responded back with the MH thing?

again, highly doubt they'll do it, they only seem interested in triple A crossovers.

but if red and the others are THAT intent on making it to 1.5 with the current update, and all it'd take is a new boss and some extra gear...

i mean, i feel like they could easily find another way to push it to 1.5.

crossover with another game whose creators are more open to indie crossovers... maybe something from nintendo?

don't we already have mario and link outfits?

or another indie game, maybe... dead cells? they've done crossovers with several other indies... and have some interesting bosses.

whatever it ends up being, there are surely plenty of choices, if 1.5 is one small push away, right?
Honestly I'd rather terraria do their own original thing. I'm not a big fan of crossovers.
The head of this actuator thing looks a lot like cryogen ngl, did Fab inspire the mods? is Calamity now canon to Vanilla?
A light blue cube is not exactly the world's most original design ever.

Edit: Wait, Cryogen isn't even a cube. You're claiming a rotating blue cube was inspired by a non-rotating icosahedron?
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I kind of hope it's actually just a fancy new switch rather than something dedicated to echotivators specifically.

And yes I've decided that echo activators should be called echotivators.
Honestly, now that you say that I have to agree. It looks so cool and would be really nice for some mechanisms, especially if it also emits light!
the void bag, the coin trough.... the safe doesn't get any love!?!? There should be an ACME order catalog that drops a safe from the sky with the same mechanics as a Tombstone. It could do a small amount of damage, but more importantly, you could have your safe with you everywhere you go! Terraria 1.4.4 has me more excited than the vanity set competition!
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