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Terraria Wins the 2021 Labor of Love Award!


Staff member
Long overdue, as far as I'm concerned. :D

Congratulations to the team! You've done an amazing job with Terraria and this award is well deserved!



this is long overdue, i still feel like this award was stolen from terraria last time.

anyway, it's nice to see this award finally given to a game and development team that TRULY earned it. :dryadhappy:

to this day, terraria remains one of my top favorite games of all time, so thanks again for everything re-logic has done. :dryadpassionate:


Official Terrarian
Congratulations on the award, kinda late to say this. Terraria has been a game that I’ve enjoyed since the Xbox 360 era. After purchasing it, I quickly fell in love with it and played hours upon hours. After getting the Xbox One, I haven’t played much on the Xbox One, due to weird controls and didn’t knew how to change them, but still played on the Xbox 360 time to time. Around in November 2021, I’ve bought Terraria again but as the pc version, and playing hours upon hours once again. I’m loving all the new updates compared to when I have first ever played. I’m proud that Terraria has won this award, as it’s been due for all the commitment and effort going into this game and the community.


Duke Fishron
Congratulations, this is well deserved. I bought this game in late 2011 for 5$ on sale and already felt the 1.1 version was well worth every penny but the sheer amount of quality content that has been added since then at no extra cost blows my mind. Thank you for the years of entertainment Re-Logic <3


it earned it i think it has surpassed minecraft players with awards
Minecraft wasn't an option because it's not on Steam. I love both games pretty much equally and Minecraft also keeps putting out high quality free updates and the devs are still passionate about the game even if the studio is owned by a big company.
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