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Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment


Confirmed: Trees can grow in Lava.
Trees CAN grow in Lava!.jpg

Umm... shouldn't I be getting another type of loot? Say, the one I'm supposed to be getting?
Obviously not a Golden Chest.jpg

Yet another example, among many, that 1.3 does not like its own lighting.
Graphical Errors.jpg

The pink missing texture! Haven't seen you for a very long time.
Possible Missing Texture.jpg

Totally normal. Well done, Worldgen.
Absolutely Seemless Join.jpg


I don't know where else I could post this. Thus, I decided to post this here.

In memoriam.

My first Expert mode hardcore character Olevina learned the hard way detonators activate if you jump on them. She thought they would only activate if you right clicked them.

Capture 2015-09-23 13_08_39.png

She had full molten armor and max health but they weren't enough. It is ironic this happened when she was trying to remove the detonator so she wouldn't accidentally click it and get killed.

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