Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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How can it be that we have a unicorn mount, but no horse mount? Eventhough there is a horse mount on the cavalry achievement?
And is it possible that we`ll get more goldfisch related stuff?
1. Will there be a 1.3.7, or will you just go straight to 1.4?
2. Will there be a 2.0?
3. If you could add one more biome chest, what biome?
4. What's something you won't add to terraria even though fans want it
5. What's something you want to add but can't because fans won't like it?
6. (this is probably already common knowledge but I'm out of the loop) When you chose the name terraria, were you aware it was the plural of Terraria?
7. You can make any change to terraria, but you have to describe it in 6 words. Which words do you pick?
8. If you do add more bosses, where in the progression will they be?
Have you guys ever thought about/considered adding in a steam workshop feature for Terraria?
What is your stance on crossover games? There are many games on the market right now that have crossover content from many indie titles, could you ever see yourselves working with one of these games for Terraria cameos?
How are you planning on making more money with the game? Does the game still make you enough money on its own? Are you planning on doing more crossovers with other games? Guide NPC for Smash Ultimate?
With such a variety of badass, interesting and memorable bosses, I would like to know which boss was the most difficult to implement into this game we know and love?
During early development (before HM exist) which was the hardest step overcome with?
e.g. get used to XNA, bureaucracy, financial support, music, graphic, math for some features, a certain feature,languages, fixing a certain bug,....

How long the total development took (working hours) before first release at steam? How did the working time distribute over different parts (e.g. programming, music, textures, marketing, bureaucracy, ..)? How many people worked on?
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hello how u guys and and thanks for doing theses questions.

1. is terraria 2 being announced at e3?

2. when is terraria 2 being released?

3. what does terraria 1.4 update have in store?

4. when will 1.4 drop?

5. what is the road map for terraria?

6. what is your fav game besides terraria?

7. what is one thing u would change about terraria?

8. will we see mechanics from mods added to terraria, is so which ones would u like to add?

9. could u guys make it possible to build settlements and have monsters attack and destroy buildings?


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mobile 1.3?
Has Cenx or Redigit ever played any Terraria mod? If yes, did they have anything that gave you inspiration to implement something in the game?
Возможно ли добавление еще частей Ктулху в виде отдельных боссов? И можете добавить какие нибудьто пасхалки к другим играм в виде мобов или секретных мест?Возможно квестов от НПС?:brain::golem::zombie::nymph::pumpking:`:p
What was something that you expected to be easy to implement, but turned out to be much harder than you first thought?
On the flipside, was there anything that you expected to have tons of problems with implementing, but ended up doing with no trouble?
What are your thoughts on the modding scene of the game? Do you guys have any plan to add official mod support?
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