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    Hello and welcome to my 4-month long, one-man project called TerraScape! In short, it's a mod dedicated to recreating content from the 2007 OldSchool RuneScape servers in Terraria. One of the goals of this mod is to provide balanced and fun game mechanics to add to your ordinary Terraria experience.

    I started this project with no previous modding or spriting experience and developed my skills as I continued. As you can tell, spriting is not my strongest skill and some of the sprites of this mod are mediocre at best. For weapons and most items I have used the sprites found in RuneScape, as I'm not confident (or patient) enough to start replicating all of them in the style of Terraria.

    Multiplayer compatible? Mod browser version works
    (The size of the normal version seems to be simply too much to handle when starting up the server, so for multiplayer, mod browser is the way to go)

    Current version: 1.1.1 (Balance & Spriting)
    • 1.1.1
      • New sprites for 106 items
      • Nerfed the Granite Maul, Teacher Wand, Master Wand & Ancient Staff
      • Reduced spawnrates of Gargoyles and Abyssal demons
      • Changed Crossbows to only use bolts as ammo (no more vanilla dart cheesing)
      • Changed Demonic Gorillas to spawn only on Jungle surface
      • Changed the droprate of God Pages from clue scrolls to 1/16 (from 1/64)
      • Fixed Torag spamming his shields at the end of the fight
      • Fixed Heal putting you to negative mana values
      • Fixed Tome of Fire to no longer spawn particles on hostile projectiles
      • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to progress through the Old One's Army event.
      • Bugs
      • Fixed a Hard Clue
      • Fixed an exploit allowing you to have multiple Master Clues at once
      • Fixed many problems with multiplayer Clue Scrolls
    • 1.1
      • A total of 146 items have been added
      • A whole new game mechanic: "Clue Scrolls" has been added! Refer to the "New Mechanics" -section for further info
      • Some small fixes, as usual
      • Fixed rune drops in the snow biome
      • Nerfed the Abyssal Whip
      • Changed the elemental spells a bit, check new description in "Content"
      • Made enchantment tablets stackable
      • Fixed the Spirit of Barrows fight
      • Removed rare drop table and rune drops from critters and statue spawned enemies
      • Rare Drop Table changes, see updated description in the "new mechanics" section
      • Demon Scythe drop removed from Lesser Demons
      • Rune essence crafting buffed to 10 from 5
      • Rune Altar crafting recipe reduced to 30 Rune Essence from 50
      • Moved Cosmic Runes to be crafted at a Basic Altar instead of an Advanced
      • Added random essence drops to all monsters
      • Fixed the values of 100+ items
      • Dragon impling Life Fruit drop reduced to 8 from 20
      • Fixed Abyssal Demon behavior in multiplayer (hopefully)
      • Fixed Vengeance not actually dealing damage to NPCs in multiplayer
      • Reduced spawnrates of dragons
      • Rewrote the spawn mechanics of implings, should be a bit more rare and less overpowered
      • Fixed crafting recipe for Stack of Stones
      • Changed lucky implings to be a lot rarer & post-plantera
      • Updated sprites of Verac's armor set (sprited by Exodus Starlit)
      • Added "For Camelot!" to Excalibur's special attack
      • Fixed pure essence crafting
      • Fixed some more multiplayer issues (sounds not working, movement glitches)
      • Fixed teleport tablets killing you with fall damage (Teletabs don't work in multiplayer at all, might try to fix in the future)
      • Fixed items falling through the ground (hopefully)
    • 1.0.1
      • Removed Diamond Bolt special affecting the Dungeon Guardian
      • Resized the texture of dragonhides
      • Fixed Goblins being a bit too dumb
      • Fixed God Wizards getting stuck on too many things
      • Fixed Vengeance working in multiplayer
      • Fixed some displacement effects not working in multiplayer
      • Added "Taste Vengeance!" when Vengeance is triggered
      • Added falling through platforms for all enemies
      • Added water rune drops to slimes & fishes
      • Added earth rune drops to the desert
      • Added fire rune drops to the underworld
      • Added air rune drops to space
      • Added mind/chaos/death/blood rune drops to Corruption/Crimson & Skeletons
      • Added nature rune drops to the jungle (after Skeletron)
      • Added cosmic (astral after mech bosses) rune drops to the Hallow
      • Added body (law after Skeletron) (soul after mech bosses) rune drops to the ice biome
    • All sprites resized correctly, new sprites for runes
    • Mod browser release
    • Initial release

    Download here: OldSchoolRuneScape
    Also available on the Mod Browser.

    NOTICE: The Mod Browser version does not have custom boss music, as it turned out to be a problem. For the full experience, download the mod from the forum page

    Current content includes:
    • Total of 378 items
    • 64 Weapons (17 Melee, 9 Ranged, 37 Magic and 1 throwing)
    • 13 Armor sets + multiple vanity items
    • 20 Enemies
    • 10 Bosses
    • One new ore
    New mechanics:
    • Special attacks: Some weapons come equipped with special attacks with various cooldowns. Using a special attack inflicts you with the "Fatique" debuff, meaning you cannot use special attacks for the time remaining.
    • Rare drop table: Any enemy has a chance (1/200) of triggering the rare drop table on death. Hitting the rare drop table is indicated with yellow sparks. The rare drop table includes various early game materials as well as modded materials. The chance of hitting the table can be doubled by equipping the Ring of Wealth.
    • 3rd age weapons: They are obtained from Elite Clue Scrolls and Lucky Implings, which spawn very rarely after Plantera. They are meant to be easter eggs, not something to use with normal boss progression. They were implemented for having some fun after you've done everything else. To use them or not is up to you.
    • Clue Scrolls: All enemies have a small chance of dropping a Clue Scroll. The difficulty of the Clue Scroll is based on how far you are into the game. Clue Scrolls contain unique challenges including vanilla & modded items and enemies. Some clues require you to dig at a certain location, for this you'll need to craft a spade (10 wood, 2 iron). The reward for completing a Clue Scroll is a Casket, which can include various vanity items, powerful equipment and rare materials. More information here: Terrascape update 1.1 - Clue Scrolls! Notice: This feature might be buggy with multiplayer.
    This mod is designed with Expert Mode in mind. The differences between expert and normal are only the health & damage of enemies.

    All content should be found in the spoiler. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post below.
    (Not all stats for weapons and accessories are listed here, I will get around to updating them soon)

    The basis of all things magic in this mod is Rune Essence aaRuneessence.png (1 Fallen Star & 5 Stone Blocks, creates 10)
    Rune Essence can be purified to create Pure Essence abPureessence.png (Near Lava)
    Pure Essence can be further improved to Dark Essence aDarkessence.png (10 Pure Essence & 1 Soul of Night, creates 10)

    Enemies also rarely drop essence based on current stage of the game

    Rune Altars:
    Basic Rune Altar RunealtarItem.png (50 Rune Essence & 30 Stone Blocks)
    Runes accessible: Airrune.png Waterrune.png Earthrune.png Firerune.png Mindrune.png Bodyrune.png Cosmicrune.png (from Rune Essence)
    Advanced Rune Altar ARunealtarItem.png (Basic Rune Altar, 5 Hellstone Bars & 5 Demonite/Crimtane Bars)
    Runes accessible: Chaosrune.png Lawrune.png Naturerune.png (from Pure Essence) & Deathrune.png (from Dark essence)
    Elemental Rune Altar ERunealtarItem.png (Advanced Rune Altar & one of every soul)
    Runes accessible: Bloodrune.png Soulrune.png Astralrune.png (from Dark Essence)
    Runes also drop from enemies in different areas:
    • Water runes from slimes & fishes
    • Earth runes in desert
    • Fire runes to in the underworld
    • Air runes in space
    • Mind/Chaos/Death/Blood runes in Corruption/Crimson & from Skeletons
    • Nature runes in the jungle (after Skeletron)
    • Cosmic (Astral after mech bosses) runes in the Hallow
    • Body (Law after Skeletron) (Soul after mech bosses) runes in the snow biome
    Wind spells have increased knockback, Water spells cost less mana & travel faster, Earth spells have more damage & travel slower, Fire spells can set enemies on fire
    Strike spells Windstrike.png Waterstrike.png Earthstrike.png Firestrike.png (25 Airrune.png / Waterrune.png / Earthrune.png / Firerune.png & 25 Mindrune.png )
    Bolt spells Windbolt.png Waterbolt.png Earthbolt.png Firebolt.png (50 Airrune.png / Waterrune.png / Earthrune.png / Firerune.png & 25 Chaosrune.png )
    Blast spells Windblast.png Waterblast.png Earthblast.png Fireblast.png (100 Airrune.png / Waterrune.png / Earthrune.png / Firerune.png & 25 Deathrune.png )
    Wave spells Windwave.png Waterwave.png Earthwave.png Firewave.png (250 Airrune.png / Waterrune.png / Earthrune.png / Firerune.png & 50 Bloodrune.png )
    Beginner Wand Beginnerwand.png (All Strike spells)
    Apprentice Wand Apprenticewand.png (Beginner Wand + all Bolt spells)
    Teacher Wand Teacherwand.png (Apprentice Wand + all Blast spells)
    Master Wand Masterwand.png (Teacher Wand + all Wave spells & 15 Ectoplasm)

    Confuse Confuse.png (15 Waterrune.png , 15 Earthrune.png , 10 Bodyrune.png )
    Confuses the enemy for 2 seconds
    Bind Bind.png (15 Waterrune.png , 15 Earthrune.png , 10 Naturerune.png )
    Slows the enemy for one second (0.33s for bosses)
    Snare Snare.png (50 Waterrune.png , 50 Earthrune.png , 25 Naturerune.png , 25 Chaosrune.png )
    Slows the enemy for 2 seconds (0.66s for bosses)
    Entangle Entangle.png (150 Waterrune.png , 150 Earthrune.png , 100 Naturerune.png , 100 Soulrune.png )
    Slows the enemy for 3 seconds (1s for bosses)
    Telegrab Telegrab.png (15 Airrune.png , 15 Lawrune.png )
    Casts a ball that grabs ant items it touches
    Charge Charge.png (33 Firerune.png , 33 Airrune.png , 33 Bloodrune.png , 3 Ectoplasm)
    Increases the damage of God Staves by 100% for 5 minutes
    Smoke burst Smokeburst.png (25 Airrune.png , 25 Firerune.png , 25 Chaosrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png )
    Has a chance to poison the enemy
    Shadow burst Shadowburst.png (25 Airrune.png , 25 Chaosrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png )
    Has a chance to confuse the enemy
    Blood burst Bloodburst.png (25 Chaosrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png )
    Has a chance to heal
    Ice burst Iceburst.png (25 Waterrune.png , 25 Chaosrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png )
    Has a chance to inflict frostburn

    Smoke barrage Smokebarrage.png (25 Airrune.png , 25 Firerune.png , 25 Deathrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png , 25 Soulrune.png )
    Has a chance to poison & venom the enemy
    Shadow barrage Shadowbarrage.png (25 Airrune.png , 25 Deathrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png , 25 Soulrune.png )
    Has a chance to confuse & inflict shadowflame
    Blood barrage Bloodbarrage.png (25 Deathrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png , 25 Soulrune.png )
    Has a chance to heal
    Ice barrage Icebarrage.png (25 Waterrune.png , 25 Deathrune.png , 25 Bloodrune.png , 25 Soulrune.png )
    Has a chance to inflict frostburn & halt the enemy's movement

    Ancient Staff Ancientstaff.png (All bursts and barrages + 15 ectoplasm)
    Special attack: Channels a massive volley of barrages towards your cursor
    Heal Heal.png (20 Cosmicrune.png , 20 Astralrune.png , 10 Lawrune.png )
    Channel for up to 10 seconds to restore up to half of your maximum health
    Vengeance Vengeance.png (20 Deathrune.png , 40 Astralrune.png , 100 Earthrune.png )
    Getting hit will reflect 1000% damage back to the attacker
    All tablets are created at a lectern LecternItem.png (10 Wood & 1 Book)
    Sapphire Enchantment Tablet Enchantsapphire.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 10 Waterrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Emerald Enchantment Tablet Enchantemerald.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 10 Airrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Ruby Enchantment Tablet Enchantruby.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 10 Firerune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Diamond Enchantment Tablet Enchantdiamond.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 10 Earthrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Dragonstone Enchantment Tablet Enchantdragonstn.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 15 Earthrune.png , 15 Waterrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Onyx Enchantment Tablet Enchantonyx.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 20 Firerune.png , 20 Waterrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Zenyte Enchantment Tablet Enchantzenyte.png (10 Cosmicrune.png , 20 Soulrune.png , 20 Bloodrune.png , 1 Clay Block)

    Lumbridge Teleport Lumbridgeteleport.png (3 Airrune.png , Earthrune.png , Lawrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Varrock Teleport Varrockteleport.png (3 Airrune.png , Firerune.png , Lawrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Falador Teleport Faladorteleport.png (3 Airrune.png , Waterrune.png , Lawrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    Camelot Teleport Camelotteleport.png (5 Airrune.png , Lawrune.png , 1 Clay Block)
    God Staves Sarastaff.png Guthixstaff.png Zamorakstaff.png (Dropped by their respective wizards)
    Ahrim's Staff Ahrimstaff.png (Dropped by Ahrim the Blighted)
    Iban's Staff Ibansstaff.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Smoke Battlestaff Smokebattlestaff.png (Dropped by Smoke Devils)
    Kodai Wand Kodaiwand.png (Created with a Kodai Insignia (from the Great Olm) & Master Wand)
    3rd Age Wand _3rdagewand.png (From Lucky Implings)
    Runite ore is found at same depths as Gold/Platinum, although a bit more rare. It requires at least 100% pickaxe power to mine (Molten Pickaxe / Reaver Shark)
    Runite.png Runiteore.png Runitebar.png
    Rune armor is an alternative to molten armor, providing 22 defense and 20% increased melee damage Runehelm.png Runeplate.png Runeplatelegs.png runearmor.png (30 Bars Total)
    Rune Scimitar Runescim.png (6 Bars)
    Rune Dagger Runedagger.png (3 Bars)
    Rune 2h Sword Rune2h.png (9 Bars)
    Rune Crossbow Runecrossbow.png (10 Bars & 15 Wood)
    Rune Thrownaxes Runethrownaxe.png (1 Bar makes 30)
    Special attack: Throws an enchanted thrownaxe which seeks targets behind it after hit
    Amulet of Magic Amuletmagic.png ( Enchantsapphire.png , 2 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Sapphire)
    8% increased magic damage
    Amulet of Defense Amuletdefence.png ( Enchantemerald.png , 2 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Emerald)
    Increases defense by 3
    Amulet of Strength Amuletstrength.png ( Enchantruby.png , 2 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Ruby)
    8% increased melee damage
    Amulet of Power Amuletpower.png ( Enchantdiamond.png , 2 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Diamond)
    8% increased ranged damage
    Amulet of Glory Amuletglory.png ( Enchantdragonstn.png , 3 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Dragonstone)
    9% increased damage & 1 defense
    Ring of Wealth Ringofwealth.png ( Enchantdragonstn.png , 4 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Dragonstone)
    Doubles the chances of hitting the rare drop table
    Amulet of Fury Amuletfury.png ( Enchantonyx.png , 1 Onyx, 1 Avenger Emblem)
    14% increased damage & 3 defense
    Berserker Necklace Berserkernecklace.png ( Enchantonyx.png , 2 Gold/Platinum bars, 1 Onyx)
    Increases melee damage by 1% for every point of defense under 100
    Amulet of Torture Amulettorture.png ( Enchantzenyte.png , 6 Chlorophyte Bars, 6 Beetle Husks, 1 Zenyte)
    18% increased melee damage, falling below 150 health heals you up to full. While this effect is on cooldown, you gain increased damage & critical strike chance
    Necklace of Anguish Necklaceanguish.png ( Enchantzenyte.png , 6 Shroomite Bars, 1 Zenyte)
    18% increased ranged damage, dealing damage grants increased ranged damage and crit. Getting hit will reset bonus damage
    Tormented Bracelet Tormentedbracelet.png ( Enchantzenyte.png , 6 Spectre Bars, 1 Zenyte)
    18% increased magic damage, magical attacks have a chance to unleash tormented souls. Amount of souls increases with missing health
    Tome of Fire Tomeoffire.png (99 Torches, 20 Living Fire Blocks, 20 Living Demon Fire Blocks, 20 Living Frost Fire Blocks, 20 Living (Cursed Fire / Ichor) Blocks, 1 Spell Tome, 1 Sorcerer Emblem)
    10% increased magic damage, imbues your magical attacks with various flames
    Kandarin Sigil Boltenchant.png (Dropped by Elvarg)
    Increases the chances of a bolt special occuring
    Amulet of the Damned Amuletdamned.png (Dropped by Spirit of Barrows)
    Increases the effectiveness of barrows weapons, adds unique effects to barrows armor sets
    Implings are neutral critters that spawn in towns and on the surface. Catching them requires a bug net. Imps.gif
    When caught they will appear in your inventory in a jar.
    These jars can be opened to receive loot of various rarity, from old shoes to 3rd age weapons.
    Implings in pre-hardmode: Baby, Young, Earth, Essence, Eclectic, Nature
    In hardmode: Magpie
    After 3 mech bosses: Dragon
    After Plantera: Ninja & Lucky
    Dorgeshuun Crossbow Dorgeshuuncrossbow.png 20 ranged damage, slow speed (45 Bones & 60 Cobweb)
    Special attack: Fires a bolt that deals increased damage to targets at full health
    Rune Crossbow Runecrossbow.png 24 ranged damage, fast speed(10 Runite bars & 15 Wood)
    Dragon Hunter Crossbow Dragonhuntercrossbow.png 45 ranged damage, very fast speed, autofire (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Karil's Crossbow Karilcrossbow.png 60 ranged damage, very fast speed, autofire (Dropped by Karil the Tainted)

    All crossbows use bolts as ammunition

    Magic shortbow Magicshortbow.png 44 ranged damage, very fast speed (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Special attack: Fires two enchanted arrows with increased damage

    Light Ballista Lightballista.png 160 ranged damage, fast speed (Ballista Limbs, Ballista Spring, Monkey Tail, Light Frame)
    Special attack: Fires a chraged javelin that sticks to an enemy, then explodes
    Heavy Ballista Heavyballista.png 380 ranged damage, slow speed (Ballista Limbs, Ballista Spring, Monkey Tail, Heavy Frame)
    Special attack: Fires a charged javelin that grabs enemies with it

    Ballistas use stakes as ammunition (pumpkin moon -> stake launcher -> buy from arms dealer)

    Twisted Bow Twistedbow.png 280 ranged damage, very fast speed (Dropped by the Great Olm)
    Special attack: Take aim for 3 seconds, then gain increased movement speed while barraging nearby enemies with arrows

    3rd Age Bow _3rdagebow.png 280 ranged damage, very fast speed (From Lucky Implings)

    New darts:
    Bone bolts Bonebolt.png (1 Bone makes 10)
    Runite bolts Runebolt.png (1 Runite bar makes 50)

    Enchanted darts have a 10% chance of triggering their special effect:
    Sapphire bolts Sapphirebolt.png ( Sapphirebolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: Gains damage based on current mana
    Emerald bolts Emeraldbolt.png ( Emeraldbolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: Spawns a spore cloud, poisoning the enemy
    Ruby bolts Rubybolt.png ( Rubybolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: Forfeit your own blood to increase damage dealt
    Diamond bolts Diamondbolt.png ( Diamondbolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: Gains damage based on the enemy's defense
    Dragon bolts Dragonstonebolt.png ( Dragonbolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: 500% increased damage and a long-lasting fire effect
    Onyx bolts Onyxbolt.png ( Onyxbolttips.png , Runebolt.png ) Special effect: Spawns 4-6 healing orbs that heal 10% of the attack's damage

    Bolt tips are made with respective enchantment tablets and gems
    Rune Scimitar Runescim.png (6 Runite bars)
    Rune Dagger Runedagger.png (3 Runite bars)
    Rune 2h Sword Rune2h.png (9 Runite bars)
    Granite Maul Granitemaul.png (Dropped by Gargoyles)
    Special attack: Strikes 3 times in quick succession
    Excalibur Excalibur.png (Dropped by Elvarg)
    Special attack: Grants ironskin for one minute on hit
    Dragon Scimitar Dragonscimitar.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Dragon Dagger Dds.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Special attack: Strikes twice with guaranteed critical strikes
    Dragon Spear Dragonspear.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Special attack: Shoves the enemy with the back end of the spear, knocking them away
    Dragon 2h Sword Dragon2h.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental)
    Special attack: Strikes downward, creating damaging waves on the ground
    Abyssal Whip Abyssalwhip.png (Dropped by Abyssal Demons)
    Dharok's Greataxe Dharokaxe.png (Dropped by Dharok the Wretched)
    Guthan's Warspear Guthanspear.png (Dropped by Guthan the Infested)
    Torag's Hammers Toraghammers.png (Dropped by Torag the Corrupted)
    Verac's Flail Veracflail.png (Dropped by Verac the Defiled)
    Dinh's Bulwark Dinhbulwark.png (Dropped by the Great Olm)
    Special attack: Slams the shield down, knocking enemies away
    Dragon Claws Dclaws.png (Dropped by the Great Olm)
    Special attack: Supercharges your claws for 8 seconds, making you able to dash with them
    3rd Age Longsword _3rdagelong.png (From Lucky Implings)
    Rune Armor Runehelm.png Runeplate.png Runeplatelegs.png runearmor.png (30 Runite Bars)
    22 defense and 20% increased melee damage
    Green Dragonhide Armor Greendcoif.png Greendbody.png Greendchaps.png dhidesG.png (45 Green Dragonhide)
    20 defense, 15% ranged damage, 10% ranged crit, 10% movement speed, 20% chance not to consume ammo
    Blue Dragonhide Armor Bluedcoif.png Bluedbody.png Bluedchaps.png dhidesB.png (45 Blue Dragonhide)
    31 defense, 10% ranged damage, 16% ranged crit, 14% movement speed, 20% chance not to consume ammo, 20% increased arrow damage
    Red Dragonhide Armor Reddcoif.png Reddbody.png Reddchaps.png dhidesR.png (45 Red Dragonhide)
    31 defense, 10% ranged damage, 16% ranged crit, 14% movement speed, 20% chance not to consume ammo, 20% increased bullet damage
    Black Dragonhide Armor Blackdcoif.png Blackdbody.png Blackdchaps.png dhidesBL.png (45 Black Dragonhide)
    50 defense, 25% ranged damage, 25% ranged crit, 14% movement speed, 20% chance not to consume ammo
    Mystic Robes Mystichat.png Mystictop.png Mysticbottom.png MysticB.png (14 Mystic Components, 32 Silk)
    19 defense, 10% magic damage, +60 max mana, 12% magic crit, 18% reduced mana usage
    Light Mystic Robes MystichatL.png MystictopL.png MysticbottomL.png MysticL.png (Mystic Robes, 50 Souls of Light)
    27 defense, 10% magic damage, +100 max mana, 12% magic crit, 25% reduced mana usage
    Dark Mystic Robes MystichatD.png MystictopD.png MysticbottomD.png MysticD.png (Mystic Robes, 50 Souls of Night)
    22 defense, 20% magic damage, +60 max mana, 20% magic crit, 10% reduced mana usage
    Dharok's Dharokhelm.png Dharokbody.png Dharoklegs.png Dharok.png (Dropped by Dharok the Wretched)
    58 defense, 20% melee damage, 20% melee crit, 1% melee damage for every 1% missing health
    Verac's Verachelm.png Veracbody.png Veraclegs.png verac's armor.png (Dropped by Verac the Defiled)
    52 defense, 25% melee damage, 24% melee crit, 8% movement speed, 20 armor penetration
    Guthan's Guthanhelm.png Guthanbody.png Guthanlegs.png Guthan.png (Dropped by Guthan the Infested)
    60 defense, 20% melee damage, 10% melee crit, 10% movement speed, melee attacks have a chance to heal
    Torag's Toraghelm.png Toragbody.png Toraglegs.png Torag.png (Dropped by Torag the Corrupted)
    66 defense, 15% melee damage, 8% melee crit, 1% increased defense for every 1% missing health
    Ahrim's Ahrimhelm.png Ahrimbody.png Ahrimlegs.png Ahrim.png (Dropped by Ahrim the Blighted)
    40 defense, 10% magic damage, +80 max mana, 15% decreased mana usage, 8% magic crit & movement speed, magic attacks apply shadowflame
    Karil's Karilhelm.png Karilbody.png Karillegs.png Karil.png (Dropped by Karil the Tainted)
    50 defense, 18% ranged damage, 20% chance not to consume ammo, 8% ranged crit & movement speed, ranged attacks have a chance to duplicate
    Tribal mask, 3 defense Tribalmask.png (Dropped by Broodoo Victims)
    Dragonhides Greendhide.png Bluedhide.png Reddhide.png Blackdhide.png (Dropped by their respective dragons)
    Mystic Components Mysticcomponents.png (Dropped by Elvarg)
    Dragonstone Dragonstone.png (Dropped by the Chaos Elemental, Great Olm & Dragon Implings, also from the rare drop table)
    Onyx Onyx.png (Dropped by Lava Dragons, Great Olm & any monster in the underworld(1/300))
    Zenyte Shard Zenyteshard.png (Dropped by Demonic Gorillas)
    Zenyte Zenyte.png ( Zenyteshard.png + Onyx.png )
    Rock Cake, takes you down to 1 health & disables regeneration for 1 minute Rockcake.png (Dropped by Dharok the Wretched)
    Ballista Materials Monkeytail.png Ballistaspring.png Ballistalimbs.png Lightframe.png Heavyframe.png (Dropped by Demonic Gorillas)
    CrandorMap.png Crandor Map, summons Elvarg (3 Silk, 5 Cobweb, 3 Obsidian) (Dropped by Green Dragons)
    Chaossummon.png Elemental Sigil, summons the Chaos Elemental ( Airrune.png , Waterrune.png , Firerune.png , Earthrune.png , Chaosrune.png , Soul of Light, Soul of Night)
    Cryptspade.png Crypt Spade, summons a random Barrows Brother (10 Wood, 2 Iron/Lead bars, 3 Souls of Light)
    Ahrimsummon.png Veracsummon.png Toragsummon.png Karilsummon.png Dharoksummon.png Guthansummon.png Cryptic Stones, summons respective Barrows Brother (Each brother drops their own)
    Rockcluster.png Stack of Stones, summons all brothers & the Spirit of Barrows (all Cryptic Stones)
    Darkrelic.png Dark Relic, summons the Great Olm (8 Souls of Flight, 6 Souls of Night, 4 Souls of Fright, 2 Beetle Husks)
    Goblin Goblin.png (Surface during Day)
    Hill Giant Hillgiant.png (Caverns)
    Gargoyle Gargoyle.png (Caverns)
    Broodoo Victim Broodoovictim.png (Jungle Surface)
    Lesser Demon Lesserdemon.png (Surface during Night after EoC)
    Greater Demon Greaterdemon.png (Surface during Night after Skeletron)
    Black Demon Blackdemon.png (Surface during Night in Hardmode)
    Green Dragon Greendragon.png (Surface after Skeletron)
    Blue Dragon Bluedragon.png (Surface in Hardmode)
    Red Dragon Reddragon.png (Surface in Hardmode)
    Black Dragon Blackdragon.png (Surface after any Mech Boss)
    Lava Dragon Lavadragon.png (Underworld after Plantera)
    Saradomin, Zamorak & Guthix Wizards Saradominwizard.png Zamorakwizard.png Guthixwizard.png (Surface during Day in Hardmode)
    Abyssal Demon Abyssaldemon.png (Underground & Underworld in Hardmode)
    Smoke Devil Smokedevil.png (Underworld after Plantera)
    Demonic Gorilla Demonicgorilla.png (Jungle after Plantera)
    Elvarg is the first boss of this mod and meant to be fought right before the Wall of Flesh.
    Her attack pattern is pretty simple; she shoots dragonfire and charges at you occasionally.
    She has 3 phases:
    In phase 1, she chases you and shoots dragonfire.
    In phase 2, she starts charging at you and attacks faster.
    In phase 3, her attacks turn faster and she gains increased defense.

    Loot includes Green Dragonhides, Mystic Components, Excalibur and the Kandarin Sigil.


    The Chaos Elemental
    The Chaos Elemental can be fought at the start of Hardmode.
    Its attacks include Chaos Discs, Chaos Tendrils which inflict various debuffs and Chaotic Teleports which teleport you around the screen.
    A large arena is recommended as the teleports can place you inside a wall.

    Loot includes various Dragon weaponry, Magic Shortbow and Iban's Staff.

    Veracb.png Toragb.png Ahrimb.png Karilb.png Guthanb.png Dharokb.png

    Barrows Brothers
    The Brothers are meant to be fought around Mech Boss -tier.
    Each brother has it's own 5 unique attacks, which increase in speed as their health drops.

    The brothers are affected by type effectiveness: Melee beats Ranged, Ranged beats Magic and Magic beats Melee.
    This means that melee brothers take 10% increased magic damage and 10% decreased ranged damage.
    Ahrim takes increased ranged damage and decreased melee damage.
    Karil takes increased melee damage and decreased magic damage.

    Each brother drops its summoning item and a piece of equipment.


    Spirit of Barrows
    The Spirit of Barrows is a special boss, as you cannot harm him by normal means.
    When he is summoned with the Stack of Stones, he will awaken all the brothers to fight for him.
    The only way to kill him is to defeat all the brothers in succession.

    He drop the Barrows Chest, which contains the Amulet of the Damned and in addition, has a 10x increased chance of yielding a developer armor set.


    The Great Olm
    The final boss of the mod, Great Olm, provides a tough challenge.
    He is an alternative way to end the game, as he can be fought right after Golem.
    He is balanced around all the equipment available before defeating the Lunatic Cultist, so using weapons from the lunar events and Moon Lord will make him too easy.
    He has a wide range of attacks:
    Dash: Gains increased speed and homes in on the target.
    2 basic attacks; crystal shards and a crystal orb
    Sphere triangle: Summons 3 spheres around the target (red, blue & green).
    Touching the sphere according to your class (red = melee, blue = magic, green = ranged) will heal you for 20 hp,
    while touching the wrong one will hurt you.
    Shattering Crystal: Fires out a crystal rock which slows down and explodes into multiple crystal shards.
    Dragonbreath: Fires a homing blast of dragonbreath, causing a debuff based on it's color.
    Lightning Bolt: A fast-moving lightning bolt.
    Lightning Rod: Creates a rod at the target's position which calls down lightning after some time.
    Boulder Rain: Calls down huge boulders from above which explode violently.
    Walls of Fire: Traps the target between two horizontal walls of fire that extinguish after some time.
    Ring of Fire: Olm yells out "Burn with me!" and creates a ring of cursed flames around him. After 2.5 seconds anyone outside the ring will be hurt massively.

    Phase Transitions
    Olm has a total of 6 phases and every time his phase changes, he unleashes a powerful attack.
    1st (< 80% hp)
    Fires out 9 bolts of lightning in rapid succession.
    2nd (< 60% hp)
    Turns invincible and summons the chromatic dragons. Creates lightning rods while invincible.
    3rd (< 40% hp)
    Turns invincible and summons the 3 lava & black dragons. Calls down boulders while invincible.
    4th (< 30% hp)
    Creates two walls of fire and fires crystals rapidly.
    5th (< 20% hp)
    Summons a Demonic Gorilla and fires crystal shards while invincible.

    If you manage to defeat him, the rewards are worth it.
    His loot includes Kodai Insignia, Dinh's Bulwark, Dragon Claws, Twisted Bow and a chance of gems ranging from dragonstones to zenytes.

    People who have contributed besides me:
    • Exodus Starlit (Verac's armor sprite)

    Thanks to:

    • Jagex for bringing the 2007 servers back, allowing us all to experience the nostalgia of the most memorable game of all time
    • Re-logic for such an awesome game
    • The tModLoader team for creating such an amazing modding environment for both newcomers and experienced modders
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  2. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    This looks really really cool! I loved RuneScape back in the day and when I was a lot younger, and I have fond memories of playing the game with my brother. This mod looks amazing, and I am about to try it out!
  3. VerriganHolmes

    VerriganHolmes Terrarian

    I had to sign up to just so I can tell you to stick with this! So... Stick with this! This is awesome and I look forward to seeing where it goes!
  4. NuovaPrime

    NuovaPrime Spazmatism

    Sprites look like it could use a bit of work(1x1 pixels will trigger everyone), but other than that it looks really good, nice to see a decently large content mod come out of nowhere.
  5. Chem

    Chem Terrarian

    The sprites look out of place in the art style of terraria, especially with the 1x1 pixels. But it still looks like an awesome content mod that I will check out soon
  6. Cyxio

    Cyxio Spazmatism

    Yeah I'm not satisfied with the sprites currently, I'll probably resize them all to fit the 2x2 style, but the issue with that is the fact that some items become absurdly large. I have thought about trying to recreate them in the style of Terraria, but it's hard to keep the feel of the original sprites intact. (Also it would be a ton of work for one person with mediocre spriting skills)
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  7. NuovaPrime

    NuovaPrime Spazmatism

    in the set defaults for the weapon you can do item.scale = 0.5f for example to shrink the sprite.
  8. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    ME LIKE DIS, nostalgia dude. Awesome, but I wonder why you can't upload to the mod browser with modded tracks. Care to share info?
  9. Gubzs

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    I was playing my OSRS ironman when I stumbled onto this thread.
    +1 very cool :red:.
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    flash1:Buying gf 10k
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    Will be playing this ASAP.
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    Also a big fan of oldschool runescape :3
  13. Trap Trash

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  14. lirr

    lirr Terrarian

    Multiplayer doesnt work at all, when you create a server it disables the mod after 2 tries opening the server. 1st time it says starting server.... and just stops there and 2nd try it says found server and starts it with no mod enabled. pls fix
  15. Ca595

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    this looks :red:ing sick
  16. Cyxio

    Cyxio Spazmatism

    I'm aware of the multiplayer issues, however I have no idea what might be causing it. I'm attempting to fix it.
  17. SeymourAzzes

    SeymourAzzes Terrarian


    I tried to download this mod and the tmodloader, and everything seems to be in the right place, but it is not loading. Perhaps someone here can help provide a solution or some assistance to this issue?
  18. Cyxio

    Cyxio Spazmatism

    The .mp3 file failing to load is a current issue with tModLoader. A temporary fix is to enable the mod in the mods menu, then exit the game without pressing "Reload Mods". Then start up the game as normal, the mod should work fine.
  19. lirr

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    Tell me when you have fixed the multiplayer issue :D
  20. Cyxio

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    It's a bit of a difficult one since for me it works fine with Steam multiplayer + Mod Browser version, I have yet to test the other options