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    Hello! A few years back, I remade the Terraria UI. That version is now outdated, so I decided to rework it completely.
    Basically, it's if I designed the Terraria UI and couldn't change anything but the textures, this is it.

    Upcoming in next versions:
    - This will be the 1.3.6 update

    Current changes:
    - Complete Terraria UI redesign
    - New cursor
    - New icons
    - Custom font
    - Re-Logic logos are now 16:9 not 4:3

    Download the newest version here (1.2)

    How to install:
    0. (situational) If you installed my version 1.0, you will have to delete the Texture from your Documents Terraria folder, because I no longer use the texture pack system! (for now, probably until 1.3.6)
    1. Go to your Terraria Content folder (Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria/Content)
    2. Put the folders that are in my zip folder in there. Replace everything.

    How to uninstall:
    - Go to Steam, right click Terraria, Properties, Local Files, Verify Integrity.

    1.2 icons:
    Player list:
    New font, inventory style:
    New cursor:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In-game settings:
    Stylist menu (just a show-off of the sliders, etc.):

    Version history:
    1.2 - New icons, Re-Logic logos resized to 16:9, few other changes here and there.
    1.1.1 - Trash cursor polished, fixes
    1.1 - Cursor, menus, custom font.
    1.0 - In-game Terraria UI redesign

    Huge thanks to:
    @ChippyGaming - for showing this pack in his video.

    @Techdude594 - for providing help with custom fonts. Check out his packs too, here!
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  3. Techdude594

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    Looking good already!
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  4. That Richard

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    Menus, and custom cursor already done. Now only the font and I'll release the new version!
    Be sure to check in.

    I'll update the link that's on the main page, so nobody has to do the scrolling.
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    it looks very nice :)
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  7. That Richard

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    Pack has been updated! Download the pack from the new updated link!

    - Polished up cursor
    - Custom font
    - Few icons redone
    - Menus redesign

    - Delete my old Texture file! It will replace some of my current or future textures!!! This pack will no longer use the texture pack system until 1.3.6! (If they fix the problems with it now)

    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 12, 2018, Original Post Date: Jul 12, 2018 ---
    A hotfix update will come up shortly.
    Will add new cursors too + fixes the border of the cursor

    After this hotfix update I'll update new screenshots, too!
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  8. That Richard

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    Update 1.2 released! Added a few icons here and there to make the UI look more robust.
    There will maybe be an update 1.2.1 that will add a few other icons if I feel like it!
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    Wow, those new icons look great! Do you have any tips to convert 2x2 textures into 1x1 as you did? I am planning on making a 1x1 texture pack for Terraria (which will encompass all of the textures) some day, so any tips would be nice!
  10. That Richard

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    I'm being a program really, adding pixels to the corners, etc. Trying just to smooth it out nothing else. A thing that I find myself doing the most is giving the borders the darkest color (and a little bit de-satured) that I can because it makes the inner part look stand out.
  11. Catty_Cat.EXE

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    This is actually pretty cool, good job....erm....person? yeah, I'll go with person.
  12. Techdude594

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    Thanks for the tips! Was the first part of the first sentence a typo? I'm being a program?
  13. altermaven

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    Using program, most likely. For my few alterations, I've used PDN (or as it provides enough flexibility to do what I want it to do. I do like the clean layout of everything, though. I should just stick to my little item modifications, haha.
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    No I meant "Being a program". It's just that I'm not really being creative or something, it means that I'm doing the same tasks over and over by some rules just like a program would do, haha.
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  15. SxR

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    Wow. Amazing. This is what I'm looking for.
    UPD: Soo I have a mix of this and TTE. Cursor, grid and cross from this, everything else from TTE. Probably the borders are too thick.
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