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The Crimson Minipack - Better Crimson Textures

This is for use on Crimson worlds to improve aesthetic uniformity.

The Crimson Minipack was made to address the problem of Corruption-themed entities that appear on Crimson worlds (i.e. purple and green things that look out of place on a world dominated by a red- and yellow-colored evil). The bulk of changes made by this Texture Pack are given below.

Crimweed Seeds.png

Deathweed becomes
Sprites by me (@SzGamer227); modified versions of sprites by Re-Logic.

Titan Chest.png
Titan Key.png

Shadow Chests become
Titan Chests
Sprites by @Zoomo.
Thread: The Cyber

Immortal Vengeance.png

Dark Lance becomes
Immortal Vengeance
Full Dark Lance.png
Full Immortal Vengeance.png
Item sprite by @Zoomo. Modified into the full-sized "projectile" sprite by me (@SzGamer227).
Thread: The Cyber

Wrath of the Gods.png

Night's Edge becomes
Wrath of the Gods
Sprite by @Tobbvald; modified version of a sprite by @Zoomo.
Threads: The Cyber, Sword Rebalancing

True Wrath of the Gods.png
Wrath Beam.png

True Night's Edge becomes
True Wrath of the Gods
Item sprite by me (@SzGamer227); modified version of sprites by @Zoomo and @Tobbvald. Projectile sprite by me.
Threads: The Cyber, Sword Rebalancing

Possessed Armor

Sprite by me (@SzGamer227).
Thread: Possessed Armor Variety

Dark Mummy.png
Tartarus Mummy.png

Dark Mummies become
Tartarus Mummies
Sprite by @Zoomo; full animation frames by me (@SzGamer227).
Thread: The Cyber

Impressive, no? Many thanks go to @Zoomo for making the sprites and suggestion which inspired this texture pack.

I fixed the dust textures for the Wrath of the Gods and Immortal Vengeance so that they aren't purple, but you still have to switch your lighting mode from "Colored" to "White" unless you want wonky purple and green light coming from your Crimson weapons and yellow sword beams. (Just a heads-up, this dust change will change your Terra Blade's projectile trail from green to yellow. It doesn't look too bad, so just roll with it. ;))

The attachment below contains everything you need to make the Texture Pack work using the experimental Texture Pack compatibility feature added in The "readme.txt" file inside has all the information you need to get this working.


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Love the sprites! You're one of the greatest suggestion-makers ever! I support this all the way!



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Sorry but i dont know where the None TCCL Link is as i cant find it anywhere :/ could you erm post it here as your thread says

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