The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

Dollie gets back up.

"Sorry about that, folks."

Dollie activates Mimicry, and mimics Aluke, hoping to upset the Landwyrm:

*Garrun watches for any time a barrels rolls close to the Landwyrm to let Phaedra know about, slightly unhappy about Herex’s revival.*
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(Benevolent Tingler)
Tingler describes his case in penandpaperese and bodylanguageian, he describes being denied a meal, being told the meal is more expensive than it is, and being shot through a cannon. He also describes the employee having something against him during a previous encounter.
The Ultimate Chimera decides to stomp the hell out of Doormat, for that is what he is for, and frankly, he ain't chomping that paint while it is wet, wet paint tastes like garbage.

I am afraid I will have to have to enforce your position in this world... by force...
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~~~~The Undying Vandal Named The Ultimate Chimera (@Mr. Fury the Bootleg)~~~~
HP: 906/1,000 LVL: 666
Current Location: ???: Paranoia Plains: Fading Town

Ultimate Chimera: 906/1,000
Doormat: 70/70

The Chimera pretty much curbstomps doormat
It did 900 damage
Doormat was defeated!
Gained nothing

Doormat: GAH! Alright, so you may be stronger than i first let on, but MARK MY WORDS! I SHALL BE BACK!
Doormat flees as fast as he can.
Now what?

~~~~Amenhotep (@TheSpeluknerv3.
HP: 50/50 LVL 1
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Roadside
UPDATE 16/25 until AFK Farmable

Amenhotep doesn’t respond, the vampire continues to wait for an answer...

~~~~The Despicable Varvin Arthan (@Person999)~~~~
HP: 231/271 LVL 4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Grimwich City

Varvin continues sitting in the bar.

~~~~The Somewhat “Nice” Phaedra (@Madder)~~~~
HP: 455/455 LVL: 5
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Dollie (@Sky High)~~~~
HP: 240/240 LVL: 5
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Brother Garrun (@IHATETHISSIGNUP / Jedinate)~~~~
Body HP: 210/210
Head HP: 240/240 LVL:2
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
Asmodeus: ???/???
Slogra: 800/800
Herex: 450/450
Xiyel: 250/250

Phaedra: 455/455 [BOUNCE]
Dollie: 240/240 [BOUNCE]
Garrun: 210/210 240/240 [BOUNCE]
Asmodeus: ???/??? [BOUNCE]
Slogra: 800/800 [BOUNCE]
Herex: 450/450 [BOUNCE]
Xiyel: 250/250 [BOUNCE]
Landwyrm: 2,000/2,000
General Aluke: 100/100 [INSIDE LANDWYRM]

The Landwyrm fires mortar strikes into the air! They will land next turn!
General Aluke laughs while inside the safety of the Landwyrm!
Dollie uses Mimicry to try to upset the landwyrm, but it is impossible to upset a machine!
Phaedra does nothing this turn
Asmodeus casted Kacrack! A wall of ice batters the side of the Landwyrm dealing 200 damage!
Garrun watches the barrels, and notices a few lined up perfectly!
Slogra tried PSI Brainshock
But it had no effect!
Xiyel is on guard!
Herex after hearing about not being reckless, decides to, reluctantly be on guard...

~~~~Traumatized Certified Minecrafter Greyton (@Xmax360)~~~~
HP: 301/330 LVL: 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: Vessel 89-445: Robot Research Room
~~~~Fred (@Defure)~~~~
HP: 210/230 LVL: 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: Vessel 89-445: Robot Research Room

The group inspects the robots, only to find that someone had taken the only good wires out of all these frazzled robots, also weirdly the robots are very scarecrow like…
Conflict can be heard in the next room.

~~~~Benevolent Tingler (@Deputy Hue)~~~~
Body HP: 205/330
Head HP: 250/300 LVL 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: 13th Street Court house
~~~Party Member: Clockwerk~~~
HP: 555/600 LVL 4

Tingler explains his story in his own tingler way.
Judge Joe Pain: Hmmm… Yes i see, Now Falon of Mcdonalds, you expect me to believe this innocent young soul who could do no wrong, did all the horrible things you described?
A green mohawker is seen sitting in the courtroom, how he got in is a mystery.
Judge Joe Pain: Yeah, but you’re a mohawker, your entire race are our enemies.
Mohawker: This towns :red:ing racist i swear.
Judge Joe Pain goes to announce tingler as Innocent, when suddenly the windows shatter and a weird device is tossed in, it explodes into an extremely bright light destroying all the revenants in the room!, the room is also filled with gas from several gas grenades that followed the strange device.
Tingler stands up as he watches everyone in the courthouse succumb to the gas and pass out, he turns around to see a figure in the dense gas sapping the power from clockwerk to effectively knock him out too, the last thing tingler sees is himself hitting the floor, passing out.
???: Is this knight the one?
???2: Yes boss.
???: Excellent, load him up onto the manticore. I’ll take care of eradicating the rest of this room.
???2: What of the robot?
???: Leave it, it’s just scrap metal.

Tingler awakens in a cell in an unknown location, he is alone, the cell door is locked, and the bars appear to be electrified.
???: Hey, how ya doing there buddy?
Tingler looks at the shadow of… something on the wall in the back of the cell. It’s sitting kinda slumped against where the wall connects to the other wall of the cell, the shadow is seemingly being casted by nothing.
The Shadow: Man, the paladins must have something they want from you, otherwise why would they bring a Dullahan all the way to castle wraithbane?

~~~~Fedora Ron (@Matthus)~~~~
HP: 130/130 LVL 2
Current Location: Hell: Hellskirts

Ron leaves the City of Brimstone and heads off into the hellish outskirts to the tower.
Under orders of Satan Lou, the many demons around the Hellskirts leave ron alone, not even thinking about attacking him.
As he approaches the tower that goes up, he notices it as a giant spiral staircase, a single Deer lady in armor stands guard
Deerablo Elite: You ron the neckbeard? Just head on up the tower, first exit is the land of the dead, where the reaper himself calls his domain, that should be where your soul is assigned to, pretty sure you don’t belong burning yet, but from what i gather, i don’t think you’re god’s property either...

~~~~Meta (@Meta Knight_but_Terraria)~~~~
HP: 230/230 LVL 1
Current Location: The Pumpkin Yard: Vessel 89-445: Hallway
HP: 300/300

Ox in the mind of meta went into another room, but since meta is fighting a hallucination, ox is just sitting there not actually doing anything.
Meta: 230/230
Hallucination: ???/???
Meta attacks!
The Hallucination vanishes as soon as the attack hits!
Meta seems to temporary return to reality long enough to notice ox still by his side, and hear loud fumbling noises from the room ox was repaired in.
"What..? I don't think he's human! Am I fighting a ghost!?" *he becomes paranoid from schizophrenia, loses attack and defense points, how much he loses is up to you. Also it's temporary.*
"I'm interested to see what the heck is happening in the other room, maybe I can punch something while I'm at it." Greyton says. He then attempts to phase through the wall into the other room being a ghosty goo.
“Someone shoot the barrels! They’re perfectly lined up!” *Garrun shoots a barrel, not expecting an arrow to do anything to a metal barrel.*
Amenhoteph goes back from his retirement to the Land of the Mentally Dead to answer to the Vampire
Oh for sure who you are is important to the answer of the question . . . my intents towards Phaedra arent´t malicious, but the reason why the deal with the devil was struck it´s because I need to talk with him in before it is too late for me. Now, either you help me, or you at least let me go ahead in my search.
The UC goes and asks the most apathetic looking shadow possible about what's going on, because they clearly know the situation best with how little they apparently care.
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