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The Last Post Wins!

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
A bit of a rant here, just gotta vent for a bit.
People should learn about the reason why "Claim and Evidence" has the word AND in it.

I can't :red:ing understand crap if you put evidence in front of me and expect me to know the :red:ing claim.
Imagine this, we are in a police station and we are working there for investigation stuff, and a colleague comes up and puts a napkin on my table in an evidence bag. WTF am I supposed to do with that? WTF does it relate to? The colleague just stares at me as if I'm supposed to :red:ing know. But I :red:ing don't. They provide me with evidence, but they don't provide the claim. They don't say :red: about the napkin and how it's soaked in formawhatever and is used in a crime of whatever, no they just give me evidence, and don't :red:ing give claim.
Then they blame you for not :red:ing getting it! It's so :red:ing enraging, they are not giving the :red:ing information I need, and yet they blame me for the fact that they didn't give enough :red:ing information! CLAIM AND EVIDENCE, there's a reason why there's an '"and" in that. Make a :red:ing thesis statement or something, don't just drop evidence on me and look at me like a :red:ing dog and expect me to get what you're trying to say!

Yeah, I'm just quite stressed today.
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