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Maiko would start heading there

The crack would stop pouring the shards and very slowly start to close as they get closer
Eventually they would get to near where the crack was looking down into a small valley leading into some caves
A guy in a scarlet suit, and a masked elven lady are currently fighting off dark elves,
Most of the dark elves are dead
Meanwhile... at a certain place a bit away from the mountain range, in a hallway.

"Going out again?"
Sarah stops and turns to one anthropomorphic bee person, leaning on the wall by a window.
"...look, this is actually necessary. Someone needs to go check out that weird crack in the sky."
"You're lucky Light says you actually have enough importance to take care of yourself."

"Besides. I'll just come right back if I don't see anything."
"Make sure you actually have a return token so you can retreat as needed."
"Of course I wouldn't forget."
Sarah then flips a token she had in her hand, and then walks off further into the grey hallway.
Sarah walks into a large garage. An oddly large turquoise snake turns to greet her, putting down the wrench she had in her mouth on the floor.
"Sarah! Where are you going?"
"Out to investigate a crack in the sky."
"Right after all the other scouting teams headed back, right?"

Sarah just looks at the snake.
"I'll... I'll open the doors."
Sarah then walks over to a black, slim motorbike without wheels. She gets on it, stabbing it with some sort of grey... card right in a slot.
The bike starts hovering. Then, Sarah sets off into the night through some opening sliding doors.
<Wonder what the crack's about...>
Sarah continues speeding towards the mountains on her hoverbike, keeping an eye on the crack.
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