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    Welcome to the Nine Kingdoms, a world of nine elemental utopia classed by the main Nine Elements:

    The Light kingdom, Lightland lives up to its name as a bright, beautiful mass of different biomes. Everyone is welcome here as long as they abide the law. Lightland has three Royal families, the Overworld family, the Nether family, and the Ender family. They have their own castles in the three districts of Lightland's capital, Sparktopia. People here are often open and happy.

    Overworld Queen: Bubby
    Overworld King: None
    Overworld Dukes/Duchesses: Mezmera and Xana
    Overworld Royal Guards: None yet
    Nether Queen: Open
    Nether King: Open
    Nether Dukes/Duchesses: None yet
    Nether Royal Guards: None yet
    Ender Queen: Open
    Ender King: Open
    Ender Dukes/Duchesses: None yet
    Ender Royal Guards: None yet
    Allied kingdoms: Oceania and Forest

    The Darkness kingdom, the Dark Forest is mostly Roofed Forest with some Savanna and Tundras here and there. Shadow folk tend to live under a strict mindset that nobody can be trusted and friendship is a lie. Because of this, people here often live by themselves or with their spouse only, but having a spouse is rare because of the distrust among the community. Children often aspire to be strong, tough warriors and teach themselves combat at no more than seven years old. As such, most folk are skilled in battle as they have since childhood.

    Queen: Open
    King: Open
    Dukes/Duchesses: None yet
    Royal Guards: None yet
    Allied kingdoms: Scorchia and Arcticia

    The Water kingdom, Oceania is literally an ocean full of bustling underwater cities populated by merfolk. People here tend to be calm, and live off fish. The little amounts of land here are untouched, heavily overpopulated jungles. People from other kingdoms will need a Potion of Water Breathing, Depth Strider boots, and some other gear to get around safely and quickly without using a transformation charm.

    Queen: open
    King: open
    Dukes/duchesses: none yet
    Royal guards: none yet
    Allied kingdoms: Lightland and Forest

    The Inferno kingdom, Scorchia is mostly desert and savannah, and has a LOT of Nether Portals. Water is rare here because of the heat, and people here don't need to stay cool as they are well adapted to extreme temperatures to the point of having permanent Fire Resistance. Lava lakes are much more common throughout Scorchia, and fire-related enchantments and items are easier to come by here. As such, the other kingdoms trade weaponry with Scorchia a lot. Some Scorchians literally live in the Nether, housing themselves in Nether Fortresses and only going to the Overworld to sleep, get food, or meet up with friends and family.

    Queen: open
    King: open
    Dukes/duchesses: none yet
    Royal guards: none yet
    Allied kingdoms: the Dark Forest and Arcticia

    The Frost kingdom, Arcticia is the definition of cold and the opposite of Scorchia. Filled to the brim with Tundras and Taiga, this place is extremely harsh. People here tend to be tsundere, have endless stamina and live close together, knowing they are stronger against the Strays and other monsters in groups. Fishing enchantments like Luck of the Sea are very common here, as people usually fish for food.

    Queen: open
    King: open
    Dukes/duchesses: none yet
    Royal guards: none yet
    Allied kingdoms: the Dark Forest and Scorchia

    The Life kingdom, Forestry lives up to its name. It's full of different kinds of forests, and people here tend to be friendly and optimistic. They're mostly normal people, unlike the people of other kingdoms who often have abnormal traits. Foresters usually live normal lives in normal towns, and are almost always ecosystem lovers. They are merciful towards animals and neutral mobs, living off of vegetation instead.

    Queen: open
    King: open
    Dukes/duchesses: none yet
    Royal guards: Leaf
    Allied kingdoms: Lightland and Oceania

    The Air kingdom, the Skylands are mostly extreme hills and floating islands. The engineers and crafters here invented a crafting recipe for Elytra, making them pretty easy to come by. All sorts of enchantments for Elytra have been invented here too, such as Manual Flapping, which allows the user to fly upwards as if they were in Creative Mode (Note: in this roleplay, VERY few people know what Creative Mode is). People here are often competitive and sporty.

    Queen: open
    King: open
    Dukes:duchesses: none yet
    Royal guards: none yet
    Allied kingdoms: The Skylands are neutral in the warring of kingdoms, as they stand high above the other kingdoms and take no threat of war.

    The Death kingdom, Coven is named for being home to many covens of vampires. Most of the enemies here are buffed Zombies and Skeletons, alongside the fact that Phantoms spawn here a lot due to nobody being able to get much sleep due to the constant threat of being bitten by vampires at night. To accompany this, there are also packs of werewolves here who have a tendency to kill off livestock and wreak havoc. People from other kingdoms usually have a very low chance of surviving here. Instead of having a King and Queen, Coven is ruled by a single Leader whose spouse has no rulership, and it's guards are just called Protectors.

    Leader: open
    Protectors: none yet
    Allied kingdoms: Seeing as people from other kingdoms can't really survive too long here, Coven doesn't take much threat of war. As such, it is neutral in the warring.

    The Magic kingdom, named after a fictional magic kingdom (of the same name from Dragon Prince). Witches, spellcasters, and all sorts of enchantments can be found everywhere here. Xadians tend to act peaceful and wise, having an understanding of everything from trees to the Ender Dragon. End Strongholds and End Portals are much easier to find here than anywhere else. Xadia is democratic, and neutral.

    Hey guys, and welcome to the first Mincecraped (that's my meme name for Minecraft) RP on the Forums! Darn, all that lore and naming took so long. This is a freeform Minecraft: Story Mode roleplay that takes place in a world seperate from the original MCSM world. In the world this takes place in, people use elemental superpowers. You can use elements that aren't listed here.

    Application format:

    Kingdom: (If you're from another world, say that you're an Outsider.)
    Element: (Even Outsiders have elemental powers. Just because you come from, say Scorchia, doesn't mean you can't have ice powers.)
    Appearance: (Minecraft skins are recommended but not required. Please at least TRY to have an image, if you can't in any way then do the best to describe yourself)
    Biography: (Backstory, lore behind powers/certain other things, and random stories about you that you might share or joke about a lot IC go here. Write the Bio in first person please.)
    Gear: (Armor and weapons)
    Race: (Any Race or Species will do, but you probably won't be an Arctician Merperson if you were born in Scorchia. APPLY LOGIC PEOPLE, AND it's okay to be a sentient/anthro version of a MC monster.)
    Permanent Effects: (It can be from Minecraft, Terraria, or the IC thread.)

    Name: Bubby Lightshadow Aurora
    Kingdom: Lightland
    Element: Light
    Appearance: The "Artisan" skin from the Redstone Pack (will change to the "Stronghold Seer" skin from the Villains Pack under the full moon) (Also, if you can't find those skin packs, get the Legacy Console edition of MC)
    Personality: Happy, but serious, will joke and play at some points and work and fight at others. She has odd tendencies.
    Biography: I was born at September 17, 2007. I know, I'm a young ruler. But that's because the king of the Dark Forest of the previous Royal generation killed my father, and shortly after my mother. I was left three years ago to rule by the side of my two sisters, and I was heartbroken. For a while, the kingdom was in despair, but I made choices that protected us well. As I got over the sudden loss, I decided to take lessons from people in the city who were friends of my parents. I learned lots of things like engineering, fighting, crafting, and more.

    Before the war that resulted in my parents' death, we went on a world tour. During our time in the Skylands, Mom helped me make a pair of Elytra and I enchanted it. When I put it on, I couldn't take it off- I'd unknowingly put the Curse of Binding on it. However, it also had Mending and Manual Flapping, which was great because I could basically fly for the rest of my life. As a downside, I would never be able to wear a chestplate. During our short, scary trip to Coven, I was bitten by a werewolf and then a vampire. I thought I was dying from the combination, but the next day I was back to normal. Yeah, I've been a werevampire since then.
    Gear: The enchanted Elytra from the bio, a Looting/Sharpness Diamond Sword, a Bow with a heck ton of enchantments on it, and your basic diamond tools and armor (though she doesn't wear it most of the time)
    Race: Werevampire
    Name: Mezmera Noteblock Aurora
    Kingdom: Lightland
    Element: Sound
    Appearance: (I haven't really thought about that yet.)
    Biography: I was born on the Halloween of 2009. After our parents' death, I left myself alone for some time. I hadn't discovered my powers yet, but I listened to music a lot. One night I was stargazing and, I could just hear a flute being played in the distance. Honestly, I'd been thinking about the same leitmotif for some time. Eventually, the music began to grow louder, to the point that Bubby came and asked me if I was doing that. And then, not even knowing it, I said yes. Over time, I began to control this more. Now I'm the only one who hears the music I listen to late at night, and I can amp or mute my voice at will.

    During our world tour, I almost knocked Xana into a nether portal by accident. We still joke about it. Also, I nabbed a lot of monsters with a bow when Mom's sword broke. Good times..
    Gear: A Gold Sword and a bow. Full Iron set (doesn't wear it indoors.)
    Race: Human
    Name: Xana Romeo Aurora
    Kingdom: Lightland
    Element: Redstone (basically Electricity as depicted in the MC universe.)
    Appearance: (Like with Mez, I haven't decided yet)
    Biography: I was born on March 15, 2012. After Mom and Dad died, I wanted to go meet a friend from Oceania who I played with a lot during our trip there. When I asked Bubby if I could, she said she'd let me go if I promised to be good and did everything his parents said. I promised. When she and some guards took me there, something happened and... I guess I blacked out. I've been in a coma somewhere ever since, nowhere to be found. If I were to be woken up, I would probably need some time to recover my memories and fix myself up...
    Gear: doesn't wield any weapons or wear any armor
    Race: Human

    I look forward to seeing some apples
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    Name: Leaf
    Kingdom: Forestry
    Element: Nature, light

    Personality: Shy, optimistic
    Biography: Was born to a dryad and an light elemental, which is why she has the elements she has. She is also very shy, so she doesn’t have a ton of friends.
    Gear: Bow with Infinity and Power 2 enchantments, chain armor
    Race: Dryad/Light Elemental combo
    Permanent Effects: Luck, Regen
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    That's really good! I like it!

    this is the golden apple
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    Name: Program
    Kingdom: Outsider
    Element: Void
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: calm, caring (sometimes)
    Biography: I’m HacknetOS 2.0 production model #01. But that’s a mouthful, so I just go by “Program”. I was originally created as an attempt to monopolize the internet security market, but that failed, and I escaped them. Ever since, I’ve been on the run. Jumping from universe to universe.
    Gear: aside from his augments, none. Unless you count his void powers and hacking tools.
    Race: Void Guardian
    Permanent effects:
    VOID STABILITY: being a void guardian, program’s genetic code is laced with void stability, which means that he is able to suppress the visual appearance of damage, at the cost of having a “health bar”
    VOID INSANITY: there’s a man in the wall...
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    Accepted. Also I somehow knew you would join
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    Ic is open

    don't have lincc
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    Can leaf be a royal guard member for forestry???
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    Sure, I'll update the charts